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General Chat no 5

Shieldwall. I'm going to keep this blog going as long as people wish to post,so don't worry. Please tell all your friends to visit the blog, the more that know about it the better.


Blogger blueboy said...

I have just sent an e-mail to tony blair telling him that i am going to vote BNP next time and i also put in the faithfreedom web site address and said he should look at it, don't expect he will but maybe someone on the staff will ,you never know.

10:32 am  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...

B.Liar gets emails like yours every day...he doesn't care! That's not to say you shouldn't complain...I do regularly...but we are not dealing with reasonable people.

To ALL....

They say the pen is mightier than the sword...so when the Muslim millions erupt here in Britain (remember these people went to war for 50 years over a camel)you 'write' and I'll 'fight'.

Tell me about a revolution that didn't involve violence!

11:14 am  
Blogger spiv said...

Philip, I don't believe this nation is at the armed fighting stage yet. If and when it does, I will also take up arms to defend my home and way of life, I can assure you.

But as we are not there yet, this does not preclude us from voicing our opinions. And e-mailing Blair, even though he won't be personally reading the e-mails does mean that his crony staff will read them, and if millions of people started to tell him exactly what their views are, the politicians will listen. And if the politicians of all the main parties were to learn that everyone is throwing in the towel with them and joining the BNP because of our beliefs, think what would happen!

What troubles me is the multitude of people who think like us, but even sending an e-mail is too much effort for them.

11:28 am  
Blogger white rose said...

US have got this thing called grassfire.org (I think) and they email and fax millions of protests from individuals to their senators congressmen etc and it works.. they got the attention of their leaders over the illegal Mexican immigration .. Well them and the "minute men" who stopped the immigration overnight by just going down there and watching.

It might not be a bad idea if Nick put a little note on the home page to ask all readers to email their councillors.. MPs.. and Blair on a regular basis and put the url for the Westminster page, which lists all their MPs.
here it is for you guys..

12:44 pm  
Blogger white rose said...

Just trying something out here to see if it works


12:55 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

Philip, What else do you think i should do, given i'm not in the best of health, i thought sending an e-mail was something i could do. If anyone has any other ideas that i can do from home on the computer, let me know.

2:26 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...


Yes, I often wonder why the BNP aren't more informative in regards to how to complain and who to complain to etc...I'm more likely to complain if the url is in front of me, rather than if I have to go surfing for it.

2:27 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...


sending emails is good, dont get me wrong, every little helps.

a good idea is to email newspapers and the bbc, etc, every time they refer to the BNP as racist, nazis etc, as this reflects on how people see you...as a BNP voter.
Sometimes you'll even get a response, if you do you can bet a lot of others have complained too.

2:32 pm  
Blogger white rose said...

I emailed my local rag last year when I discovered the bloody labour council were all for letting a bungalow in a decent residential area on the edge of town be turned into our almost 100% white towns very first mosque.. I went berserk.. emailed the editor .. told him it was a bad idea and that the council needed to learn about Islam and included loads of the stuff I've posted on Nicks blog like Jihadwatch etc, the bloody nit asked me to verify the authenticity of people like Robert Spencer, a published author of several books...lol.. was that stupity or diversion tactics ?

In any event, A total waste of time in that particular instance.. 100% of the council planning committee granted permission.. Needless to say most houses in that area went up for sale shortly afterwards. Although it doesn't look like some residents are taking it lying down The mosque windows have been peppered with stones and someone whispered in my ear, they had heard it might catch fire soon... We have some rather naughty football supporters in this town and lots of pubs, not to mention crack heads.

3:54 pm  
Blogger stansted said...

Hi all,

WTSHTF will we fight or just roll over like the Jews in Germany - without a peep.

Can't really see Corrie street man, and sofa day-time tele fatso, manning the barracades.

5:21 pm  
Blogger marmite dave said...

"a good idea is to email newspapers and the bbc, etc, every time they refer to the BNP as racist, nazis etc" says Philip Bryant.

Surely no-one is denying that the BNP is racist? Can anyone help me on this? I thought the position is that the BNP is racist, but that's no bad thing.

6:50 pm  
Blogger stansted said...

David Cameron and the illusion of choice.

If you are in any doubt, Cameron and the Tory Party are a fully paid up members and supporters of the immigration project.

Earlier this year, one of the world’s most powerful elite, Rupert Murdoch met the (could be next Prime Minister) David Cameron for a little chat.

You may ask, why should someone as powerful as Rupert Murdoch be eager to have a friendly chat with a virtually unknown leader of Her Majesties Opposition?

The purpose of the chat was quite simple, Mr. Murdoch was vetting a possible future British prime minister, anxious to find out if Cameron and the Tories, were willing and able to deliver the nation, Britain, to their ongoing programme.

Subsequent reports suggest Mr Murdoch was most pleased with David Camerons reply.

Cameron and the Tories have been given the green light by the world’s elite, have you never wondered why Cameron had been given such an easy ride by our friends at the BBC.

If Cameron had been rejected, he would have been relentlessly pilloried by all sections of the media, (like the BNP come to think of it.) to ensure the Tory party would never get elected.

To simplify, our votes are handed directly over to the world’s powerful elites, to do with what they will, they, the elites are not elected and are accountable to no-one.

Events like these, illustrate to me, why there is no difference between the main political parties, choice is an illusion.

Our elected representatives are just managers minding the shop, sure they tinker at the edges, just to foster the illusion, but their allegiance lays elsewhere.

I even doubt whether their own inept MP’s have any idea what it’s all about.

Complicit in all of this are our friends in the media, mostly television but newspapers also.

If you are at all interested in such things, it is easy to recognise what’s going on and how they manipulate what you see.

Just fine tune your radar and watch them.

7:06 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...


It depends how you define "racist". If I believe whites are superior to blacks it doesn't mean I hate blacks but I am a racist, and that doesn't necessarily make me a bad person. If I believe humans are more inteligent than dogs does that prove I hate dogs?

When the media use the term "racist" they mean someone who doesn't like black people...that is not so in my case and I resent the implication. So I have been known to send the occaisional email to several newspapers and the BBC are getting to know me quite well.

7:06 pm  
Blogger marmite dave said...

Seems to me that you believe the white race is superior to any black race. The BNP represents the "indigenous peoples of these islands" or something. Black people cannot join the BNP. Can't really see how you can take offence if the BBC describe the BNP as racists.

7:27 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...

marmite..."Seems to me that you believe the white race is superior to any black race."

I was speaking metaphorically, If I did believe that It doesn't necessarily mean I am motivated by hatred.

"Black people cannot join the BNP. Can't really see how you can take offence if the BBC describe the BNP as racists."

White police officers aren't allowed to join the Black Police Officers Association, but I never hear the press describing them as racist.
Tell me, marmite, what would you describe as a "racist"? Are they automatically bad people?

7:47 pm  
Blogger marmite dave said...

Philip Bryant..
"If I did believe that". Do you believe it? I think you believe in the superiority of the white race. Tell me I'm wrong.

So you admit the BBC are correct to call the BNP racist, but think that other organsiations are, that the BBC leave well alone...is that right?

7:54 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...

marmite..."Do you believe it? I think you believe in the superiority of the white race. Tell me I'm wrong."

You're wrong.

"So you admit the BBC are correct to call the BNP racist, but think that other organsiations are, that the BBC leave well alone...is that right?"

I can't help but wonder why you appear to be deliberately missing my point.
Firstly I was not speaking for the BNP, I was speaking for myself.
Secondly, If you graced us with your definintion of "racist" I'm sure many others may give you their opinions as to whether they consider themselves racist.
Thirdly, who do you think you are insisting I'm a white supremacist, you know nothing about me, only what I post here, and on Nick's blog! If you've diagnosed me on the basis of that I'd hate to be in the dock when you're on the jury.

I smell a troll....(-;

8:13 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

oi marmite,ask yourself,is Mr Blair a racist?,i would certainly say, yes,he has totally ignored the indigenous population on the subject of uncontrolled immigration,and his party at local level has ignored white neighbourhoods in favour of other more ethnic areas(fact),who is the racist,e mail your lovely prime minister,he is the problem,not us!.

10:02 pm  
Blogger marmite dave said...

I know you lot. And your party. I've read all your posts from your paranoid delusions to your claimed prior knowledge of an attack on a mosque. And you have the gall, Philip Bryant, to send the BBC emails if it accuses the BNP of racism. Then, just like your leader, you wave the Oxford English Dictionary in the air and start arguing semantics and you think you're so clever when you do it.

10:36 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...

Seems I was right, a very farmiliar troll, like skillwill !

Can't be bothered arguing..."don't feed the trolls".

10:48 pm  
Blogger white rose said...

racist.. is a word being used to oppress and stigmatise a people who instinctively wish to preserve their culture, heritage and race, against a governmental enforced submission to invasion of alien races and cultures.
I see the BNP as a party wishing to preserve the British way of life in it's entirety

No country should have it's heritage and culture removed or corrupted especially without the cooperation of it's people and this is precisely what is happening throughout the entire West..
We only have to observe nature to see we are being unjustly treated.
Just like any other animal on this planet we are driven by primeval instincts, which are, the protection and preservation of the land that sustains us and gives us shelter and all that is comfortable, familiar and safe. A sense of belonging, the common ties that bind us as a nation, as a people.

Personally I do not hate anyone regardless of colour or race, but when it comes to my home, my territory, my life and my families very survival, I do not wish to have strangers, who our instincts tell us might very well take away those necessities to life invading our lands.
The inherent primeval force that drives us all.. our instinct to survive is what is being labelled racism.

Immigration on the scale that our countries in the west have been subjected to has forced those normally dormant instincts to the surface and as nature demands, we are acting upon them. What we are seeing by our governments legislating to enforce tolerance towards what our instincts rightly perceive as invaders, is a traitorous and direct assault on our people and will lead to our extinction if it is allowed to proceed unchallenged.

11:18 pm  
Blogger white rose said...

P.S. marmite troll
What someone says in passing does not make it so.. If you are referring to my remark about a RUMOURED attack on a Mosque. That mosque has not been set alight and probably never will be. Unlike the house next door to the one a Muslim bought in this town. He attempted to intimidate his elderly neighbours to leave. When they refused to sell to him they were almost burned alive!!!! accidentally of course!! He then set about knocking his adjoining wall to bits until he made his neighbours burned house so unstable it had to be demolished !! He then bought what was left.
Nice people you support aren't they!!

11:36 pm  
Blogger stansted said...

Blue boy – Here is one I made earlier, it is an open letter to the BNP, which I emailed before the local elections in May – I came across it in My Documents – I think it is pertinent to your blog…..

Below, is something I wrote when trying to piece together my strands of thought regarding why this beloved country of ours is on the eve of destruction, which I truly do believe. I know I am preaching to the converted, but other than spread the word to anyone prepared to listen, is all that we can do for now. I am not a brave person; I am not naturally inclined to put my head above the parapet, which is why I admire people who do stand up for what they believe to be right. As regards to my jottings, well, you decide what to do with them. (If anything)

Good Luck.

Cultural Marxism – The New Communism

Cultural Marxism, (the new communism) better known to us all as Multiculturalism, is now insidiously mutating worldwide. What we see happening in Britain today, is being replicated throughout white civilisation. Like a computer virus, it has infected countries from Alaska to Tasmania, from Spain to Demark, from the far reaches of the EU to the Australian Pacific. There is no white populated country left untouched from this new form of communism. One might say, a sort of Bird Flu pandemic.

In this country of ours, we are witnessing events, which is beyond our capacity to comprehend, a gentle rising tide of strangeness and menace is enveloping our senses, it is bewildering, and it is frightening.

For some time now, we have been asking ourselves, What is going on here? Why are all these people coming amongst us? Where have they come from? Who told them to come here? Who invited them here? How did they get here? Who in this country is letting them in such vast numbers? And above all the question, WHY? WHY? WHY? - FOR WHAT REASON?

These were the type of questions that I began to ask myself and had to confess I had no idea, but I was determined to find out. But where should I start looking?

From the beginning of my quest, the press, radio and above all, television was of no use at all, apart from telling me we needed more people to fill the job vacancies available, there was no other attempt to explain why this country was being stretched to its limits. The sheer size of the numbers involved dispelled any notion that this explanation of jobs was valid. Drawing a complete blank, I then turned to my PC and the internet.

I Googled, Political Correctness - Cultural Marxism - Political Elites - Post Modernism - ‘60’s American campuses – Immigration – Demise of White Civilisation, and loads more.

The list of searches seemed endless, each new answer raised even more questions, weeks of search turned into months, but slowly and painstakingly a picture began to emerge. Ironically, I had stumbled across the answer to my question quite early in my enquiries, I was so appalled by what I had discovered it was dismissed as just another conspiracy theory. So, it was back to the drawing board. Again, the same clues and pointers appeared as before, leading me to exactly the same conclusion.

What was the answer to the question that my mind could not grasp? Why is worldwide white civilisation being subjected to vast numbers of third world migration? The answer is sinister and bizarre.

Apparently, it seems our world white political elite leaders are so consumed with guilt of white crimes past, (such as, colonisation, slavery and exploitation of Blacks) that not only do they hate themselves but vilify their own kind (us) even more. Such is the cancer of hate and self-guilt, they have deemed the white race of this world must be expunged, eradicated, ethnically cleansed, and replaced by Blacks. We, the white race are to acquiesce to our own suicide.

The means of bringing this about is all too clear. We can now see the process of mass migration to our white countries is well under way, even the most disinterested among us cannot fail to notice that soon, there will be no hiding place left in this small Island of ours. None will remain unaffected. The problem for our political masters is that, black faces cannot be hidden from our view, if they could, they would.

They tell us, by definition Black is good, White is bad, therefore, Black can do no bad, White can do no good. Instructions and legislation from our political masters, the BBC and every Marxist institution in the land, demand that we whites, prostrate ourselves and grovel before the invader, to beg forgiveness and relinquish any rights we might have, for we are bad and deserve no rights. We are to embrace and celebrate the new religion of Multi Culturalism, we are to be pushed out, we are the story of the red squirrel and the cuckoo in the nest.

For the last forty years or so, our leftie politicos, have been treacherously fashioning the pieces of jigsaw we now see being painstakingly put together, the emerging picture is disturbing and scary. Every institution and agency in the land has been infected by this virus, their secret weapon, (that much maligned joke) political correctness has done a suburb, gobsmacking job for them, in addition there is the police, education, social services, judiciary and legal system to name but a few) all are now securely in place, Europe and the illusion of political choice is all part of the picture, our elite have left no stone unturned, they have done a stupendous job, all they have to do now, is….wait.

How did they do it? Fairly simple it seems, control the means of communication for starters, dumb down the people, ply them year on year with slanted spin and biased information, add limitless hypnotic drivel, and hey presto! Control the means of indoctrination of future citizens, from infant education to university, add a comfy welfare state, hi-jack the United Nations and other such NGO’s (unelected) administrative bodies, the rest as they, is easy!

The year is 2006 and the bandwagon is rolling on unopposed, or is it? Do I hear the faint sound of distant drums, as I said earlier, you cannot hide black faces, if they could they would, people are beginning to work out for themselves that all is not well, something is dreadfully wrong but they cannot get their heads around the conclusions they are drawing, they detect the unmistakeable whiff of menace. These people are adrift; there is no one for them to turn to for answers or comfort, they feel helpless and vulnerable. These people have been jettisoned like a stubbed cigarette, both Conservative and Labour leaders have told them in no uncertain terms, their services are no longer required.

For years now, the British National Party (BNP) have been banging the unheard beat, the perils of unbridled immigration to our country have gone unheeded, it is only the recent election of a new Conservative leader has the muffled beat been heard, Mr Cameron says, he welcomes votes from those who feel comfortable and at ease with this country of ours,

If you feel comfortable and at ease with sex slave trafficking from Eastern Europe.- with stabbings – shootings - torture - drugs - kicked to death in the street - political correctness - anti terror legislation - identity cards - loss of free speech - lack of political representation – illusion of political choice – suffocating rules from the EU – full tilt to globalisation and unbridled immigration – curtailment of civil liberties – then vote Conservative.

Cameron, if elected would repeal none of things or make any difference, for he will be serving the same masters as Blair & CO. Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, has already given Cameron the thumbs up, in other words, carry on regardless.

The lunacy of unbridled immigration into these confined Islands, will continue, there are potentially four billion (and counting,) aspiring immigrants out there, but our mainline politicians are signed up to it, so the beat goes on, which is all good news for the BNP, as their day will surely come, problem is, how much more damage will be done in the meantime.

Our world is in turmoil, there are so many spinning plates in the air, Climate change - Peak oil - Earths rocketing population - Wars of declining resources - Mass third world migration - Emergence of India and China – Globalisation. Any one of these ‘spinning plates’ crashing will have a drastic negative or positive affect on the problem of immigration into Britain, but I must admit, I have no idea what they might be.

Good luck in May 2006.

Well Wisher

7:10 am  
Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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Blogger spiv said...

Ah Marmite Dave, you have now finally crawled out of your shell you were trying to hide under in order to engage in some serious debate, that is excellent.

In this country, for several years now, proper debate has been stifled by 'political correctness'. Matters such as immigration, law and order, health and so forth are not tackled and discussed by our media and politicians, as any attempt to discuss them is rounded on by the 'politically correct' and deemed, amongst other things, 'racist', just as you are doing now. It is a great pity, and, of course, does not help in tackling the problems, indeed, just makes them worse.

For instance, it is a fact that most crime in this country is committed by black or asian ethnics youths. Oh, I'm not saying that no crime is committed by white people, just 'most crime is committed by blacks or asians'. Now the PC brigade deem that is a racist remark. Not at all, it is merely stating a fact. Whenever I hear of a report on the news that someone has been stabbed, I assume, based on the probability of statistics, that it will be a black or asian person who was carrying the knife.

If I were to say "he/she is black, therefore he/she must be carrying a knife" that is a racist remark. If I were to say "he/she is black, therefore the probability is that he/she is carrying a knife" is not. But people such as yourself cannot see the differences in the arguments, and so deem everything 'racist'.

We have now reached the rather stupid position in this country that even academics are losing their jobs because they are stating facts, which the likes of you deem as 'racist'. Freedom of thought and speech cannot be allowed to be lost in this country. Freedom to express opinions cannot be lost. Be advised that I have no hesitations in e-mailing Blair, the BBC or any other body if I feel so inclined, despite the fact that you would rather I did not. That is not 'racist', that is my fundamental freedom to do so.

I would recommend that you read the book 'The Retreat of Reason' by Anthony Browne. It is all about Political Correctness and the Corruption of Public Debate in Modern Britain.

It is available from www.Amazon.co.uk or www.civitas.org.uk

I make no bones about the fact that I (a 52 year old white indigenous taxpayer who has bene paying taxes for many years now) object to and deeply resent those who come into this country seeking political asylum, who get financial support, education, even very nice housing, straight from my taxes, even though they have never paid into the national exchequer. I object to them jumping straight to the top of the housing queue above my 24 year old son who cannot afford any property. As the owner of my business, I object to these people doing nothing and being paid for it, whilst I work long long hours, and then have to give a substantial slice of my income to support those who do not contribute. I object to those who have entered the country illegally, and I object to the impotence of this Government in not deporting them. That is not 'racist', that is my belief!!

7:39 am  
Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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7:46 am  
Blogger marmite dave said...


Phillip Bryant can't be bothered to argue. Scotland says "don't feed the trolls". I'll ignore them, but you, on the other hand, seem up for it. First off, you've made some asssumptions about what I think for eg I object in principal to you or anyone else emailing the BBC. What I object to to is hypocrisy. I assume you've had a look at the BNP website? I'm not going to bore us both with all the examples of racism you can find there. Try Catagram's story that opens up with a bunch of black men sexually harassing our white heroine. The BNP manifesto and its argument that the white race has a prediliction for certain values eg "freedom" is as good an example of belief in the superiority of a particular race that I can find. What I object to is the sheer humbug involved in trying to pretend otherwise. Surely you should all be admitting that the BNP is racist but then justifying it, rather than opening up a dictionary and trying to deny it. Blair's a racist, white people are the victims of anti white racism but the BNP are not racist? I don't buy that. And please don't get out the dictionary and start arguing about the definition of racism as if you were Rumpole of the Bailey.

8:58 am  
Blogger spiv said...

Marmite Dave, I'm not going to get out a dictionery, I've just argued my beliefs, if you don't agree with them then that is your right. Blair has not yet removed that freedom from us.

You against my so called 'hypocrisy', but you do not argue as to why what I believe in is hypocritical.

You see, it is the PC way of arguing, you merely attach a 'label' to me. Well, OK, if your arguments are that shallow, then so be it. It bothers me not.

9:19 am  
Blogger marmite dave said...


I never said you were hypocritical. That depends on what your answer to the question "Do you think the BNP is raxcist?" is. Care to answer?

9:30 am  
Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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9:52 am  
Blogger spiv said...

The BNP has several issues in its manifesto if you care to read it. You may or may not agree with the stands on those issues, just as I may or may not agree with the stands of the Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat manifestos. One of the things is its manifesto on immigration. I feel sure, from your comments, that you feel that is racist, but to answer your question, I do not. I am just grateful that we have a party who is speaking up for the indigenous peoples of this country, such as myself.

You probably do not understand just how much of a relief that is to me, who feels a complete stranger in my own country. That is not racist.

What is, however, racist is having an "Association of Black Police Officers", or an award for the "Best Asian police officer", or having a school for "Black Children" (I cannot remember at present the full name of that school that Cameron was pontificating at in front of the media the day after he was elected leader of the Tories) or not being able to employ whomever I so choose (not even being able to specify in an advert that they must speak English, the only languag I know!!) - now that's racism, forced upon us by a Government who is so politically correct that real public debate is stifled.

But at the end of the day, Marmite Dave, no doubt you have your beliefs which you are entitled to, as do I. Your beliefs make you interpret the word 'racism' in a different way to the way my beliefs do, and that is fine by me. What is not fine by me is seeing my values, my way of life, my beliefs and so forth being continually subordinated, even to the extent that politically correct politicians impose this subordination upon me without even asking!! That is completely unacceptable.

9:59 am  
Blogger spiv said...

Scotland, I know. But, you see, that is all these people are capable of as their arguments are so shallow.

10:00 am  
Blogger marmite dave said...


You will call the Association of Black Police Officers racist but you will not call the BNP racist. At least the NF has a coherent belief system and some purity of soul. Nick Griffiths is turning you all into politicians.

10:21 am  
Blogger spiv said...

So be it, 15 years ago I was a councillor, so I guess its in my blood.

And his name is Nick Griffin, do check out your facts.

10:33 am  
Blogger marmite dave said...


And "dictionery" is spelt with an a, if we're running spell checks.

10:41 am  

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