Monday, May 15, 2006

Shami Chakrabarti

I see Shami Chakrabarti is at it again. Our troops killed in Iraq, hijackers allowed to stay here, killers allowed out of jail, all because of the human rights act and not a word about it, but say your going to amend the human rights act, and up she pops. I would not only repeal it altogether, I would also opt out of the European Convention to protect our interests. Our country must come first. In my mind if you commit a serious crime, you give up your rights.


Blogger Val M said...

It seems as if only criminals and terrorists have rights. Victims don't have rights. Hardworking citizens don't have rights. I agree with you - repeal, opt out and start punishing the guilty.

9:49 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...

Plug 'em into the f*****g mains...

Human F*****g person benifits from this looney-left legislation, and that's Cherieeeeee B.Liar.

11:42 pm  

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