Thursday, June 01, 2006

General Chat no 7

I see murderers and rapists who plead guilty could get huge reductions in their jail sentences, Am i the only person who thinks, that instead of letting them out early, they should serve their full sentences and if we need more prisons, lets build them.


Blogger Philip Bryant said...


It's all about saving money with this government, they're gonna reduce the number of trials by jury, not because it makes for a better justice system but because it saves money, same with community wardens, just cheap police.

I wonder if they'll consider lowering the standard of living immigrants can expect when they arrive, that'll save an absolute fortune...but don't hold your breath.

10:05 am  
Blogger blueboy said...

Well said Philip, the money we could save, would as you say be an absolute fortune and if we also came out of europe, just think of what we could do for our people, better pensions and a better health service for all. I like you will not be holding my breath,roll on the day when we have people in power who will put our country first

10:16 am  
Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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Blogger wdgglgleuug4y9 said...

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Blogger spiv said...

Thanks Scotland, I've seen a great deal of this already, but will watch it all again when I have a little more time. This and other similar films are why I am quite convinced, despite the arguments on Nick's blog a few days ago.

Not only am I convinced that this was staged by factions of the American Government, I believe that we, the people of the world, should all be extremely disturbed by it all.

Unfortunately, mainstream media suppresses much of this information. As I keep saying, we are fed the information Governments and large corporations want to feed us.

However, I did come across this film of the plane smashing into the pentagon, released two weeks ago by the CIA under the American Freedom of Infomation Act. It is on the BBC websie at

Now it was released and held out as conclusive proof that a passenger plane actually did crash into the Pentagon. Ahh.. thought I, well, maybe I and many others are indeed wrong.

Trouble is, I can't see a plane so if anyone else can, would you tell me where it is please?

1:25 pm  
Blogger spiv said...

To clarify my last line, I can't see a passenger plane, I can see what looks loke either the nose of a jet fighter, or a missile.

But a Boeing 757??

But, hey, I'm old and my eyes are feeble, some of you youngies may be able to see what I cannot!!

1:34 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

Scotland, i went to councillor smith's blog, interesting stuff, i will go back once a week to see what's going on. Do you know of any other interesting blogs.

4:45 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

i see there is another commie commenting on that website,they get everywhere dont they those little red swines!.

7:34 pm  
Blogger paulbad said...

it still aint no conspiracy

9:53 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...


10:09 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

goodnight all.

10:18 pm  
Blogger stansted said...

The Sun Newspaper

Frontpage - 2 June 2006

The front page of the Sun newspaper is taken up with a full-blown picture of the flag of St. George,with a caption 'Up Yours.'

It is saying to the English supporters of our soccer team, (who, a large number happen to be Sun readers) ignore the busy-body PC brigade who, wish you not to offend our ethnic guests by flying the flag of St. George.

The Sun are caught in a dilemma, on the one hand, they suppport New Labour and the Multi Cultural programme, but Cultural Correctness demands the flag of St.George be banned as part of destroy Britain programme.

On the other hand, the Sun promotes the English soccer team whose supporters, (their readers) have adopted the St, George flag as their talisman.

This state of affairs has placed the Sun newspaper in a deep dilemma.

They (Sun) are also aware that the BNP's flagship flag is the St. George, but as we all know the Sun hates, detests and villifies everything the BNP represents, so what are they to do?

They say 'Up Yours' fly the flag, but all of the time secretly holding their nose.

The Sun newspaper is a total disgrace, still it's nice to see their hand has been forced - It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good!

7:38 am  
Blogger paulbad said...

more muslim plotters in the east end, when local residents gonna wake up and treat these muslim communities with the contempt they deserve

1:48 pm  
Blogger stansted said...

I don't like it, it's quiet,... too quiet!.

The silence is deafening, here we are, just over one month on,from the ground breaking local elections of the 4th May 2006.

In the aftermath of an astononishing performance by the BNP, when the mould of present politics was broken, (or am I getting carried away here?) the silence from that breath-taking performance is deafening. Why?

Is it me again? surely, everywhere, there are signs of cracks appearing, even if only miniscule, question marks are beginning to appear in the most unlikely of places as to the wisdom of Multiculturalism.

Make no mistake, it is only the stand up bravery of the BNP during those elections that have levered a wedge between the then unspeakable and the now ever increasing debate on immigration, the BNP are the Dambusters, the cracks are appearing.

If you accept that this is indeed the case, why is there such a deafening silence from the BNP heirachy? Not a dickey-bird, zero, zilch in the way of triumphalism or barely an acceptance of a breakthrough.

Surely, you would think the BNP would follow up their dazzling success with with a barrage of attack to the gobsmacked elite, but no, again silence.

What is going on? Have they been 'got at'? or are they keeping their powder dry? or what?

Any suggestions?

1:41 pm  

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