Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10th

Sorry about the trouble with logging on to the site, I hope everything is ok now. Did anyone see newsnight last night, I watched because i knew the usual suspects would be on, with the usual claptrap about the police, I don't like to see innocent people being arrested, but i don't blame the police, if the information was wrong, i blame MI5 who should have checked out the information of the informant better, before getting the Anti-Terrorist branch involved.


Blogger shieldwall said...

came home from work this morning to find that the scum of the area had been out during the night,I have a flag pole attached to the gable side of my house upon which I fly various flags,the union flag,st georges cross etc...,well guess what,they stole my st georges cross flag by bending the pole right down and then knicking the flag,it would have been easier to buy one,they are only about a fiver,people will knick anything nowadays,the bastards.

11:46 am  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...


I think Coucillor Meldrew must have been up your way last night, an England flag has appeared atop Lambeth town hall (for the first time ever) don't think the Marxist run Lambeth council would buy one, do you?

How good to see Labour flying the 'racist' England flag in the most multi-cult part of Europe, if not the world. What hypocrites.

12:55 pm  
Blogger King Arthur said...

When I think back to the height of the IRA campaign, I don't recall any black, asian or other outwardly noticeable race complaining that only white people were being stopped, searched, arrested or even shot accidentally.

Now the boot is on the other foot they seem to think it is racist and unfair!

Bring back the sus laws and let the police stop and search the most likely culprits.

12:55 pm  
Blogger stansted said...

Philip Bryant says.....

"If the general population feel this way about immigration why are so many reluctant to vote BNP? The answer, I suggest, is due to comments such as the following made by NuLab Councillor Jackie Meldrum of Lambeth Council, South London (where I live)"

As I see it, as the ripple of the Barking and Dagenham effect spreads to all parts of the country, people will shed all inhibitions about voting for the BNP, middle class and even the more wealthier class will flock to the BNP when they perceive the threat which is coming, I even suspect they will pretend not to be holding their nose whilst doing so.

I am confident that the yoke of political correctness is now being thrown off, especially in the context of the immigration debate.
This state of affairs is being media led, it becomes more visable as each day goes by.

There has been a major breakthrough this last few weeks (since B & D) the elites are on the back foot, surely you have noticed the media damm has burst in this respect, the BBC and all major newpapers are spilling over with comment on the cultural debate in this country.

I have nearly always held the opinion, that cometh the hour cometh the man, any politician worth his salt cannot fail to see there is a massive black hole in our sham democratic system, there are millions of votes out there, just waiting for the right politician, who is willing to articulate the desires of the vast majority of voters.

The BNP are the only people uttering (and daring to utter)these words we want to hear, namely, "Give Us Back Our Country" and if the BNP continue to be the only people espousing these wishes, then it is the BNP who will sweep the board. Simple as that really.

The interesting question here is, who will emerge to challenge the BNP for those millions of votes?

Watch this space!

With regard to your your councillor and his ilk, they will only be too willing to jump on the BNP bandwagon because wshtf, that's the sort they are, I shouldn't worry about them too much.

1:12 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...


Good point you make: despite Coucillor Mildew's claim that the St. George flag represents a multi-culti footie team, I have only seen one single 'ethnic' flying the flag this past month, and she was mixed-race. The left are desparate to jump on the BNP bandwagon as you say.

Despite being the most 'diverse' community in the world (possibly) the display of support for England has been quite an eye-opener here in Lambeth, I've never seen the white community here so patriotic in my entire life. A sure sign that the tide is turning.

The world cup couldn't have come at a more convenient time..!

2:07 pm  
Blogger stansted said...

Flying the flag.

I see it as it is no coincidence that the nation is in the grip of almost frenzied nationalism, so much so, the most unlikely baggage has jumped on the national fervour bandwagon.

This years World Cup is not unique, I seem to remember previous competitions were cause for national fervour, but I think everyone is of the opinion, that this years competiton has notched up to new heights.

Exactly what is it, that is driving this outpouring of national identity? soccer is only the manifestation, it doesn't tell us the underlying cause.

We band of the converted,would dearly wish it was a yearning for something more worthy than soccer, maybe, sublimily, they (the flag wavers)do feel insecure and under threat, but from what, they do not know or cannot say. Who knows?

This must be most disconcerting for our enemies, if such a simple thing as soccer can raise such national awareness, what would happen if the stakes were of a much more important order?

I myself, have conflicting waves of optimism and pessimism, as probably you can detect in my scribbles.

A burning question keeps recurring in my mind, have we, in the West, become so morally enfeebled, we are unable or unwilling, to resist our determined and focussed invader?

Why do have these nagging doubts? It is simply because, in the past, a leader has emerged and infused the will to resist and make sacrfices in our people. Think, Drake, Wellington, Nelson, Raleigh, Churchill, Montgomery, and yes, even Thatcher.

This time it is different, there is no-one, not even on the horizon, where is this resistance to come from? I must admit I just don't know. It looks at the moment it is a bottom to top resistance, but who will be at the top?

This is where I came in, it just could be, that this frenzied nationalism is a cry for a leader,
is there anbody out there?

7:28 pm  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

It seems that the MI5 are recruiting more muslims as spies, actualy helping contribute to this mess, since they expect the enemy to give them true information.
This raid then is most likely the result of the coniving muslim spies setting our security services up, sending them down blind alleys, thus getting the best potential out of the resulting media reports and further protests which occured from their communities.
This is a foe where we cannot afford to have enemy spies, as that means expecting believers to speek the truth to infidels.

10:59 am  

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