Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 22nd

This government is putting our lives at risk by having our medical notes typed up to save money.Foreign typists are making serious spelling mistakes which could result in a patient's death, Is there no depths this government will not stoop too, to save money. Unison said that patient's medical notes were being sent electronically to countries such as South Africa and the Philippines, this is a disgrace, Never mind about the mistakes that could cost someone's life, what about the job losses among our 30,000 medical secretaries.


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I see the legal racist Trevor Phillips is spewing forth nonsensical rubbish again,this occasion it is that all leading universities should be forced by law to take more ethnic minorities.This man is a complete twat,so these uni`s must take on their "quotas" regardless of if they meet the academical standard,so if you have rules and regulations,tough,because once again,the ethnics dont have to follow them,by law.I am beginning to get seriously pissed off by modern Britain and its corrupt government and associates.Take me back in time,I want to get off when Britain was British.

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