Friday, July 28, 2006

Did anyone see execution of a teenage girl on BBC 2 last night. This is the people Tony wants us to share our country with. I say no way.I don't wish to share my country with people who think it is okay to hang a 16 year old who was raped by a 51 year old. Any woman who converts to Islam after seeing this, is crazy or stupid, they are treated like shit and what about the legal age for sex, it is 9 years old, crazy and evil, would you want your child growing up in a country like that, I would not.If they had their way, we would have that law here. I say no way, get them out now, not in 8 years, it will be too late then,it maybe too late now.


Blogger shieldwall said...

blue,we had one bonehead woman a few weeks ago announce in the local Plymouth paper why she had converted to islam,my reasoning behind it, looking at the photo, was that she was so ugly and obese it would be the only way she could get married, a desperate muslim asylum seeker.Ugly woman,ugly religion.

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Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

I watched that blue, gave support to the http://save.nazanin thing some time back by e-mailing amnesty international.
There is something about women who have been exposed to Islam, that just manages somehow to close their minds to obvious ugly truths like these hangings, child sex, terrorist bomboings.
Its a cult plain and simple, thats brainwashed them, destroyed their ability to think for themselves and denounce evil, they would sooner bring up their children beleiving the same sick shit as if it did not exist, or was a sin to say anything against it no matter what it does.

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