Saturday, July 08, 2006

Look at this photo,is Blair trying to tell us something, maybe if you're white dont bother trying to be part of the 2012 games. I said yesterday that i would update you all about trying to get my blog on the NF website, no luck i'm sorry to say, I got an e-mail from them saying they would publish BNP comments when the BNP published NF comments on the BNP site ie=never. In my e-mail to them i had said i was not a member of any party and that the only winners if we kept fighting each other would be the muslims but it cut no ice with them, They put the blame on the BNP for the split, I dont know who is to blame but i do know, we will never win power if this continues.


Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

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9:50 am  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

You should check out my latest post blue, look where Cherie Blair got too on the 7/7 day of remembrance.
Its so obvious where their loyalties lie as far as the future of Britain goes.

9:53 am  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...


Well spotted, I posted a comment on Nick's blog based on your observation, hope you don't mind.

11:50 am  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...


Could you post the email you got from the NF, cheers.

12:06 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I'm sorry philip, i deleted it by mistake. When i looked at my e-mails this morning it was gone. I really wish i had kept it.I cant even remember the guys name,but what i said in my blog was true, they will not post any comments from the BNP until the BNP posts comments from them and he said that would be never. The only e-mail i have is the one i sent them.

12:47 pm  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

hey phil no worries mate ive e-mailed my post off to the bnp freedom newspaper aswell ha ha!

12:49 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

The Moral Maze that White Rose was talking about with Melanie Phillips, is on radio 4 tonight at 10.15 pm. If you've missed it or wish to hear it again.

1:15 pm  
Blogger white rose said...

Just in case you missed the last (my post) on yesterdays blog...

Melanie Philips is on The Tammy Bruce (US) Radio show today (8th) If you wants to listen... The time listed 4.30 Pacific Time is 7 hours behind us so will be about here.
The other shows were aired yesterday so can only be listened to from the archives by paying for membership to the sites... pity !

7:21 AM

2:01 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...

RE: Tv license....

If you use a TV or any other device to receive or record TV programmes (for example, a VCR, set-top box, DVD recorder or PC with a broadcast card) - you need a TV Licence. You are required by law to have one.

Sounds pretty final, doesn't it? But is it true?

When the law concerning TV licenses came into force, did it include TV cards/dongles? I doubt it..!

Rose/ you believe it?

I don't. It would be interesting to know what you guys can get from the net.

Exchange info...

2:14 am  
Blogger white rose said...

No dongles and the like were not around at the time the licence fee was foisted upon us, but they got round the likelihood of future developments in technology depriving them of their jizya, by using the term "any device capable of receiving a tv signal". The signal being the operative word, the sole attribute which once deployed they have no control over who receives it, so a blanket toll on the signal itself is what we are bound by.
Well that's how I understand it to be.

7:00 am  
Blogger white rose said...

PS. When do you suppose the NF are going to update their forum..
Do you think the moderator has bogged off on holiday, or could it be they've not had enough posts to warrant an update.. I hope it's not the latter.

7:05 am  
Blogger white rose said...

Here's one for you guys and gals... Just what I've been saying for years, regarding religion and nature.

7:09 am  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

White rose...
Took a look at the historyofjihad site, organised religion is a controling nuisance but he uses this truth to create a bogus arguement.
eg:- "science fights the challenges of nature" in many cases science has gone that far that it fights nature itself.
"human spirit of quest has overcome the sub-human instinct of faith" the spirit does overcome sub-human instinct, only he is attacking religion using the spirit as his tool. When the basis of all religions is spiritual.
"Faith originates from the human fear of the unknown" true faith destroys fear by embracing the unknown, your spiritual journey is about coming to know and understand the unknown, like im saying organised orthodox religion is wrong, as it holds back spiritual experience and growth, by claiming theirselves as the only path.
Thats one of the greatest troubles with Islam, instead of getting on with their own spiritual journey and development, they turn to the experiences and life of one man. To dictate all they are ever allowed to do. Muhammed is dead live your life, enjoy your own spiritual quest should be the order of the day.
"Why do we have religious fanatics but no proffesional or scientific fanatics" Throughout history proffesional and scientific advancements have been made using unseemly methods, such as digging up corpses, the nazis using whathey saw as sub-humans for experiments, soldiers being sent running towards the first atomic bomb, to asses the effects. This was not done in the name of religion, it was proffesional scientific fanaticism.
"Why does no proffesion say that it alone is the right proffesion and all other proffesions are wrong" the legal proffesion claims they alone are right and that proffesional career criminals are wrong.
As im saying sometimes you just have to play devils advocate and question all that you are told, advancements come from thinking for yourself. People are drawn to truth, only trouble is, good decievers use truth to help perpetrate a lie, so its upto us all to question everything, learn and develop by our own journeys and experiences, take whats good from all those experiences and ditch the false.

11:09 am  

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