Monday, August 21, 2006

Dr Azzam Tamimi tells a crowd in Manchester that nothing is better than dying for your beliefs and the crowd of 8,000 erupt with cheering and applause. He also said 'We are Muslims in Europe, not European Muslims, that tells you all you need to know about their mindset.This man came here over 30 years ago from the Middle East, he should be sent back there without delay.


Blogger white african said...

whats wrong with dying for your beliefs, you may not agree with some one elses belief thats another point all together, but if you had to die for your beliefs you would wouldnt you? and it seems to me that you hold very strong beliefs- not religious, but ones that you feel strong about...

its a catch 22 situation, if azzam had said 'we are european muslims you would find disagrement there, and the fact that he said otherwise you also frown upon, so my question is what would have pleased you? and apart from the obvious of leaving and 'getting the hell out of this country', what else?

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Blogger BFB said...

No doubt white african has no problem with the Israeli's killing Hezbollah fanatics (and the innocent civilians they hide amongst), after all the Israeli's believe they are fighting for their very existence. And indeed they are!

"whats wrong with dying for your beliefs...if you had to die for your beliefs you would wouldnt you? "

The 9/11 and 7/7 terrorists died for their beliefs and thousands of innocent people -- including Muslims --died also, is white african condoning their actions?

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Blogger white african said...

i should have added without the death of others of course, i thought that was obvious ahem...

and i did not mean in the context that you are putting it in, but i guess i should have expected it coming from you bfb, oh well there is hope for you yet

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Blogger shieldwall said...

white african,did you also post under the name "new thinking needed",be honest,it would be nice to know that is all.Yes you are correct,everybody has the right to fight for what they believe in,but not here,they can fight all they like in their own dust bowls,they have no allegiance to this country or island so they are a threat,as their only loyalty is to their religion,we are way to different to coexist.

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Blogger white african said...

shieldwell i believe in giving allegiance to the land that you live in, god forbid if britain was ever to be attacked i would defend it, (bfbm defend briatin not the attacker before you point fingers) and believe it or not there are many like minded muslims who think the same.

to answer your first question, no i did not, i have only come across this blog recently. i have to disagree with you, i believe that we are able to co-exist we are humans at the end of the day and my dream is peace for all regardless of religion, race, creed, it just mean putting differences aside and finding what is common...

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Blogger blueboy said...

The point i was trying to make was that this man has lived here for over 30 years and he still did not feel any allegiance to this country.If you have someone who thinks like that, then i think they would be better of living in a country with which they do feel allegiance too. I have no problem with people because of their colour but i do with Muslims,because they do not wish to integrate,they wish the UK to become an Islamic state. Why don't they go and live in a country in the Middle East if they wish to live under Islamic law and not try to change our country. They must know that will never happen.

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Blogger BFB said...

white african said: " bfb, oh well there is hope for you yet "

You don't need 'hope' when you have the truth on your side.

My religion (Taoism) isn't the most despised religion on earth:Taoists do not indoctrinate their young to become suicide bombers in the name of Allah/Mohammad:Taoists do not condone paedophilia:Taoists aren't involved in most of the conflicts in the world: Taoists do not break childrens arms for stealing a loaf of bread: Taoists do not relegate women to mere sex objects: Taoists do not behead unbelievers: Taoists do not shoot children in the back: Taoists do not need an endless stream of apologists to explain the inhuman actions of extremists in our midst: Taoists are not engaged in an attempt at world domination by force of arms: Taosist do not hide among civilians in wartime: Taoists do not live their live according to the demented rantings of a deranged, spineless maniac (Mohammad)...

...there aren't thousands of websites/blogs warning against the dangers of Taoism!

If anyone needs 'hope'...IT'S YOU...(-;

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Blogger white african said...

ooops i touched a nerve....

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Blogger BFB said...

...and lost your voice. If you're stuck for something to say try condemning the following atrocities carried out by followers of the 'peaceful' religion.

In July 1968, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) hijacked
Israeli El Al Airplanes.

In 1970, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) killers attacked bus in West Bank, killing Barbara Ertle of Michigan and wounding two others from the US.

In March 1970, PFLP lodged rockets at US Embassy, Beirut, as well as the American Insurance Company, Bank of America and John F. Kennedy library.

In September 1970, PFLP murderers took hold of four airliners, three of which were blown up.

In March 1972, PFLP engaged the Japanese Red Army to machine-gun and grenade attack Israel’s main airport. Twenty-six were slain, 78 wounded, many from the US.

In September 1972, Arab killers attacked Olympic Village, Munich, Germany, kidnapping nine Israelis and slaying two others. A grenade slaughtered athletes while others were trying to rescue them. A German policeman is slain. Jews killed totaled eleven.

In 1973, Back September Muslim killers slew US ambassador, Cleo A. Noel, and charge d’affaires and a Belgian diplomat.

In June 1976, Arab killers hijacked an Air France flight from Tel Aviv.

In August 1976, PFLP attacked Israel’s main airline, El Al. Four were slain, 20 injured.

In March 1977, Muslim murderers took 134 hostages near the White House. One is slain, 12 wounded, in the seizing of the Islamic Center, the international headquarters of B’nai Brith and Washington’s City Hall.

In February 1979, the US ambassador to Afghanistan is slain by Afghan militia.

In November 1979, Muslims take over US Embassy in Tehran, Iran; 66 diplomats are held hostage. Also, in that month the US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, is taken by Muslim murderers. The building is set ablaze, killing four.

In June 1981, Muslim killers slay Coptics in their burnt out homes in Egypt. Eighty-one Coptics died with more than a hundred gravely wounded. Eighty houses were destroyed and looted.

In the same month, Anwar Sadat, Egyptian President, was slain by members of the Takfir Wal-Hajira sect. Eight others were murdered at Sadat’s reviewing stand.

In January 1982, Lebanese killers murder American military attache Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray as he leaves his apartment.

In August 1982, PLO killers slay two from the US who were eating out at a Jewish restaurant in Paris.

In the same month, Lebanese murderers slew an American embassy employee by releasing a bomb under his car.

In September 1982, Muslim killers slew Lebanese Prime Minister Bashir Gemayel via a car bomb in Beirut.

In March 1983, five Marines are slain by Islamic Jihad and Al-Amal militia.

In April 1983, an Islamic suicide car-bomber kills 63 at the US Embassy in Beirut.
Injured: 120. Islamic Jihad claimed planners of the attack.

In October 1983, 241 US Marines were slain by Islamic Jihad. They were killed in their Beirut barracks. Also, 50 UN peacekeepers were slain at the French military barracks.

In December 1983, Five were killed, 86 wounded in Kuwait City when Islamic killers set off car bombs in front of the US and French embassies.

In January 1984, American University of Beirut Prescient Malcolm Kerr was slain by Islamic Jihad.

In April 1984, eighteen American service personnel were slain by Islamic killers in Torrejon, Spain.

In September 1984, Islamic Jihad damaged the US Embassy in Lebanon, killing two Americans, twenty Americans wounded.

In April 1985, American service personnel were slain by Muslims in Madrid, Spain.

In June 1985, Lebanese Shiite murderers threatened Captain John Testrake in his cockpit of hijacked TWA Flight 847. Muslims kill US Navy diver Robert Stethem, tossing his body around carelessly.

In August 1985, a US soldier is slain by Muslims in Frankfurt.

In October 1985, PLO killers hijack Italian cruise liner. A 69-year-old man is shot in his wheelchair, then thrown overboard in his wheelchair.

In November 1985, EgyptAir Flight 648 is hijacked by Muslim killers. Fifty-eight were slain or burnt alive.

In December 1985, Muslim slayers killed 20 at US and Israeli check-in desks in Rome and Vienna international airports.

In that same month, Abu Nidal’s group seized El Al offices in Rome. Thirteen were slain, five being from the US, 74 wounded.

In May 1986, TWA Flight 840 was shot through, leaving a hole in its side. A bomb explosion was set loose by Arab Revolutionary Cells. Also, four from the US were slain when a bomb exploded on a TWA jet going from Rome to Athens. The ARC claimed responsibility.

In April 1986 Americans were bombed in a West Berlin restaurant.

In September 1986, Muslim killers hijacked Pan Am 747, leaving 20 slain.

In October 1986, an American was murdered by a grenade leveled by Fatah at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

In February 1989, bookstores in Berkeley, CA were bombed by Muslims in protest of Salman Rushdie’s "The Satanic Verses."

In March 1989, US Navy Captain Will C. Rogers’ wife is attacked by a car bomb.

In October 1991, Ankara, Turkey, a US soldier is slain and his wife wounded by Turkish Islamic Jihad.

In the same month, a US Air Force sergeant is slain via car bombing with Turkish Islamic Jihad claiming responsibility.

In November 1991, American University, Beirut, administration building is bombed, killing one and wounding over 12 more.

In March 1992, Muslims attack and kill an Archpriest, a Monk, and three laypersons at the St. Mary’s Monastery, El-Mouharak, Asyut.

In that same month, Hizbullah said it blasted the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 29, wounding 242.

In October 1992, Islamics attack, destroy and loot homes in El-Qousya, Asyut.

In January 1993, a Palestinian shoots two CIA employees, wounding three others near CIA headquarters, Langley, VA.

In that same month, Ramzi Yousef was judged as heading up the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as the 1994 explosion on Philippine Airlines Flight 434.

In February 1993, six were killed by Islamic murderers. They set loose explosives in the World trade Center.

In the same month, a Cairo café attack slew three via bomb.

In April 1993, former US President George Bush was under assassination attack while in Kuwait.

In June 1993, Islamics ambush UN peacekeeping personnel, killing 23.

In August 1993, Islamics kill 4 from US in Somalia.

In September 1993, Muslim murderers shot down US UH-60 blackhawk over Mogadishu. Servicemen’s bodies were strewn in the streets. In October, American service personnel’s bodies were dragged through the avenues of Mogadishu.

In July 1994, a bomb explosion set by Islamics in Buenos Aires, laid low Jewish organization headquarters, killing over 85, wounding over 200.

In December 1994, an Islamic bomb on Philippine Airlines Flight 434 killed Haruki Ikegami, Japanese businessman.

In that same month, Armed Islamic Group took hold of Air France Flight to Algeria.

In March 1995, Islamics opened fire on US Consulate van in Karachi, slaying two US diplomats and wounding a third.

In September 1995, a grenade was thrown through the US Embassy window, Moscow.

In November 1995, a car bomb at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, US military location slew seven, wounding 60. Islamist Movement for Change and Fighting Advocates of God took responsibility.

In that same month, a suicide bomber killed 16 at the Egyptian Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan.

In February 1996, Muslims in Egypt took a Coptic village, leveling homes, animal, crops and fields.

In June 1996, a fuel truck exploded near Dharan, Saudi Arabia with 19 Americans slain by Husbollah.

In August 1996, French Archbishop of Oran’s home was bombed, slaying him and his chauffeur. The Algerian Armed Islamic Group did it.

In December 1996, a Paris subway train was exploded, killing four, wounding 86.

In February 1997, a dozen Coptic Christians are killed while worship in their Abu Quorcas church.

In the same month, an Islamic teacher fired at tourists at the Empire State Building New York, NY. A Danish national was killed, visitors were wounded.

In November 1997, Islamics slew four American auditors for Union Texas Petroleum Company and their Pakistani driver in Karachi. The Islamic Inqilabi Council and the Aimal Secret Committee said they did it.

In the same month, 58 were slain by murderers at the Hatshepsut’s Temple, Egypt.

In August 1998, bombs bases the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Blasts slew 247 in Nairobi and 10 in Dar es Salaam, more then 5000 wounded.

In November 1999, rockets fired at US Information Services cultural center and UN offices in Islamabad, Pakistan, wounded Pakistani guard.

In January 2000, Coptic Christians’ funeral in El-Kosheh, Egypt, due to Muslim murderers’ attack.

In October 2000, USS Cole’s port side view shows damage via Muslim attack via bomb explosion during refueling in Aden, Yemen. Seventeen sailors were slain, 30 wounded. Bin Laden: the ship sailed "to its doom. . .(along a course of ) false
arrogance, self-conceit, and strength."

In December 2000, Muslim on his way to bomb Los Angeles Airport is arrested at US / Canadian border. He has over 100 pounds of explosives in his vehicle. Algerian Ahmed Ressam informs authorities that he was schooled in a camp in Afghanistan, the latter overseen by bin Laden.

On September 11, 2001, Islamic killers international highjack planes, then crash into the World Trade Center, New York, killing more than 5000. Soon thereafter another hijacked plane smashes into the Pentagon. Sixty-four passengers and crew as well as 125 military and civilian personnel were slain with 80 wounded. Another hijacked plane with 44 onboard crashed into Shanksville PA field. All were slain by Arab Islamic zealots.

In October 2001, Muslim murderers slay worshipers in Tomata Indonesian church.

In the same month, Muslim killers shoot into church, slaying 18, in Bahawalpur, Model Town, Pakistan.

In December 2001, Muslim murderers slay Christian community, killing five, in Vwang, Nigeria.

In January 2002, Daniel Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter, was kidnapped by Muslim murderers in Karachi. He was later slain.

In February 2002, worshipers in a Coptic Church in Egypt were set afire.

In that same month, three Christians were murdered by Islamics in Ilorin, Nigeria.

In that same month in Amman, Jordan, a vehicle was blown apart via car bomb, slaying an Egyptian and Iraqi laborer. The car was owned by the wife of the head of the Jordanian Anti-Terrorism Unit.

In March 2002 in Islamabad Pakistan, five are slain via grenade in a church. Forty-seven are wounded.

In April 2002 in Tunisia, Islamic suicide bombers kills 26 in historic synagogue. Islamic Army for the Liberation of the Holy Sites says they did it.

In the same month, Muslim killers slay twelve worshipers in a Christian village, leaving six wounded.

In May 2002 in Pakistan, a bus exploded, murdering 12 and wounding 19. Al-Qaida was suspected.

In the same month in Kapiisk, Russia, Muslim murderers set loose a bomb in the bushes that slew 42, wounding 150 others. Islamic al-Qaida suspected.

In May 2002, car bombs explode near US Consulate and Marriott Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan with eleven dead and 51 wounded. Al-Qaida suspected.

In June 2002, Islamic killers fired into a Neelum Valley, Pakistani bus, forcing it over a cliff, killing 10 persons, injuring 12 others.

In July 2002, grenades thrown into tourists in Mansebra.

In August 2002, six missionaries taken, two beheaded, in the Philippines. In Jhika Gali, Murree, Pakistan, at a Christian missionary school six are slain and four wounded in Islamic murdering attack against believers.

In August 2002, Kabul Afghanistan witnesses bomb explosion outside UN guesthouse, two wounded. Muslim killers suspected.

In September 2002 in Ahmedabad India, Muslims attack and slay Hindu monks and dozens of worshipers in a temple. Lashkar-e-Toiba takes responsibility.

In October 2002 in Dhabbah, Yemen, explosives kill one and wound four on French oil tanker Limburg.

In October 2002 in Kuwait, Muslims kill one US Marine and wound another as the latter are conducting a non-live-fire exercise.

In the same month in Bali, 187 tourists are slain by Muslim murderers at San Club on Legian Street. Al-Qaida told press they did it.

In November 2002 in Mombaasa Kenya, 15 killed by suicide bomber, 40 wounded. Al-Ittihad suspected.

In the same month in Mombasa Kenya, two SA-7 Strela antiaircraft missiles were launched but missed downing a Arkia Boeing 757. Al-Qaida, the Government of Universal Palestine in Exile, and the Army of Palestine claimed they did it.

In December 2002 in Makassar Indonesia, McDonald’s restaurant is exploded via bomb, 3 killed, 11 wounded. Laskar Jundullah did it.

In December 2002, three worshipers are slain and fourteen wounded in church in Daska Pakistan. Muslims are suspected.

In February 2003, Muslims kill fourteen and wound 8 worshipers in Christian village in Philippines.

In March 2003 in Mindanao, Philippines, a bus is attacked by Moro Islamic Liberation Front, killing nine and injuring four.

In April 2003 in Davao Philippines, a bomb kills 15 and wounds 55. Jemaah Islamiyah is responsible.

In May 2003, suicide bombers storm a residential complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, leaving 35 dead, wounding 200. Al-Qaeda suspected.

In May 2003, bomb attacks in Casablanca fly into restaurant, hotel, Jewish cemetery, Jewish Community Center and Belgian Consulate, leaving 33 dead and 101 wounded. Salfiya Jihadiya suspected.

In July 2003, a Catholic priest in Ranala Kot, Pakistan, was shot and slain in his home. Muslim "fundamentalists" are said to have done it.

In August 2003, Jakarta, Indonesia, Marriott hotel is bombed, killing 10, wounding 150. Jemaah Islamiyah suspected.

In the same month, a truck exploded in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 23, wounding 100.

In September 2003, a car bomb exploded near UN headquarters, killing a guard and wounding 18 in Baghdad, Iraq.

In October 2003, a car bomb exploded at Baghdad Hotel housing US and Iraqi officials, leaving 38 dead and 45 wounded.

In November 2003, a rocket was set loose in Kabul, Afghanistan. Taliban and al-Qaida suspected.

In December 2003, Kerbala government and foreign troops’ buildings were attacked by Muslim suicide squads, killing 19, wounding 120.

In the same month, in Baghdad, Iraq, car bombs exploded outside Nabil Restaurant, eight killed, 35 wounded.

In January 2004 in Marathiwat, Thailand, Islamic killers stormed an armory, setting it on fire as well as burning 18 schools, leaving four dead and an unknown number wounded.

In the same month, suicide car bombs strike US-led coalition’s offices in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 31.

In February 2004, Islamic killers blow up an automobile packed with explosives in a crowd of Iraqis lined up outside an army recruiting building in Baghdad.

In the same month, Muslim murderers slay 49 farming community laborers in Nigeria. They had taken refuge in a church.

In the same month in Manveles, Philippines, Abu Sayyaf’s group bombed a ferry, killing 200.

In March 2004, Muslim attackers killed 185 Iraqis in Baghdad and Karbala, Iraq, as they attended shrines.

In the same month, Muslim bombs attacked a commuter train complex in Madrid, Spain, killing 191, wounding 1,800. It was the deadliest attack since Lockerbie bombing in 1988 in Europe.

In the same month, nine from US were slain by Islamics via bomb explosion near Fallujah.

In April 2004, five suicide bombs exploded near police headquarters and academy with 74 slain and l160 wounded.

In the same month, Islamic killers via suicide car bomb slew 5 and wounded 150 in Riyadh.

In the same month, 24 were slain via roadside bomb hitting bus in Baghdad, Iraq.

In May 2004 in Saudi Arabia, Muslims slew six in attack on Western oil company offices in Red Sea city of Yanbu. The slain were then dragged through the streets.

In the same month in Fallujah, Iraq, four were slain via grenade. Mobs dragged the corpses through the streets.

In the same month, Islamics show video of beheading a man who was identified as Nick Berg from Philadelphia.

In the same month, 11 Christians were burnt alive by Islamics in two churches in Nigeria.

In the same month, President of Iraqi Governing Council Izzadine Saleem is slain by Islamic murderers.

In the same month, two are slain by a bomb at a shrine. Fifty others were wounded.

In the same month, in Ambon, Indonesia, bombs kill one and injure 13 in a Christian neighborhood. Another bomb goes off near a church.

In the same month in Barentu Nrritrea, seven are slain and 80 wounded by bomb blast.

In the same month in Pattani Thailand, Islamics kidnap Buddhist civilian, then behead him.

In the same month in Turbat Pakistan, Islamics kill a 14-year-old boy and dozens are injured in a rocket attack against the Minister of Education.

In June 2004, bombs explode close to US base in Beiji, slaying 11 and wounding 22.

In the same month in Rihadh, Frank Gardner, BBC’s security correspondent, was critically injured and his cameraman Simon Cumbers was slain.

In the same month, car bombs exploded near American base in Taji, killing nine, wounding 30.

In the same month, car bomb explodes, killing US solider and five Iraqis with 15 others wounded.

In the same month, Muslims down Robert Jacob, American working for Vinnell Corp, Riyadh.

In the same month, suicide car bomb kills 12 in Baghdad, Iraq.

In the same month, car bombs explode in Baghdad, slaying 13. Crowd dances in the streets, showing "Down with the USA!"

In the same month, artillery shells slay 35, wound 138 in Baghdad, Iraq.

In the same month, US hostage Paul Marshal Johnson, American engineer for Lockheed Martin, is beheaded by Al-Qaeda.

In the same month in Zainapora India, Lashkar-e-Toiba murders kidnap two, later slitting their throats.

In July 2004 in Jakarta Indonesia, a priest was slain and four wounded when gunmen attacked their church. It was near the site where over 2000 Christians have been slain by Muslims.

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Blogger cirdan said...

white african says: "i believe that we are able to co-exist we are humans at the end of the day and my dream is peace for all regardless of religion, race, creed, it just mean putting differences aside and finding what is common..."

Brave words! But what do they mean? Who is this attack intended for? I have no problem with co-existing with other cultures, races and religions. In fact it is one of my major political ambitions to see this made posible in an honest and sustainable manner. Most people in the BNP share my goals on this point of policy.

In fact the people who are threatening these principles are the multi-culturalist liberals themselves. They are prepared to sacrifice the diversity of the world, the differences between races, cultures, religions and peoples for the goal of short term profit. Globalisation is about uprooting people from their traditional homelands and planting them in other people's homelands to fuel workplaces with cheap dispensible labour - sinking costs and raising profits. This policy is defended by a broad and unholy alliance ranging from the ultra-rich capitalist to the militant extreme leftist, who have suddenly buried their differences and stand hand in hand proclaiming the benefits of multiculturalist liberal globalism - the ultimate goal of which is one world devoid of any local specialities, color, pride or tradions. It will be the world of the lowest common denominator, a world that can take pride only in mediocrity and indifference, a society that is weak and strife-ridden from within without seeing the cause of its suffering. As the winners count their profits, the indigenous population (and indeed the newcomers also) are left with the resulting unemployment, crime, inter-cultural friction etc which will eventually wear them down and destroy them in all but their most basic level of existence - unless, as is indeed happening, people takes note of their predicament and arise against the falsehoods that are being thrust upon them.

So if you really do believe in diversity and respect, why are you promoting its destruction? If immigration and interculturalism really is good for any country, why is it not being thrust first and foremost on the poorest nations of this planet. They, after all, if those really are beneficial concepts, have the most to gain? Why don't you wake up and see what is really happening?

Or put it this way. (1) Britain (according to leftists etc) has a huge debt to poor countries for colonialsm etc. (2) Multiculturalism is a good thing (according to the same). Is it then right (according to anybody who believes 1 and 2 and has masters a minimum of logic) that the evil people of Britain benefit from the wonders and benefits of multiculturalism. Wouldn't it be better to give it to the poor and oppressed who have deserved it so much more? No, it's not not right to thrust it on them, and neither is it right to thrust it on us.

2:47 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

we rest our case,islam is seriously demented.Well done phil.

2:50 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

Well said BFB. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply, nobody could defend that. What a great post.

3:03 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

read this for some crazy lottery figures for supposed good causes.The national lottery has given £2.5 million this year to asylum seeker charities.Here is some of the payments for "good" causes,£5.000 to a community centre in Manchester,so the refugees could visit France(from which they had just left),£161.757 to a Kent based charity to help clothe and feed them in Calais,£5.000 to "sound it out" in Birmingham to start a "musical ensemble" of 12 asylum seekers,£5.000 to a project in Bolton to help and teach refugees to grow organic food,£5.000 to French speaking refugees in Rochdale to start a football team.The sad total since 1997,and Labour came to power,of lottery handouts to refugee charities is £75 million,a bit one sided dont you think,thoroughly disgusting,what about cancer charities,childrens charities ,war veterans charities,blind charities,the list is endless,but no,they have to send it to some stupid causes that involve spongers and parasites,any thoughts?.

3:07 pm  
Blogger white african said...

sorry how am i promoting its destruction cirdan?, if you refer to the fact that i am muslim, then to presume that my belief will automaticlly be of destruction and hatred is not fair, yes there are mad people out there and yes some are muslims unfortunatly but they do not represent the true faith which is of peace which i follow, violence, discrimination, killing, torture, abuse and guess what bfb paediphillia which you keep ranting on about go against everything i believe in.

just to let you know the list that you carefuly copy and pasted bfb, i could also put one that is even longer of all the atrocities that mankind have ever done to all people, i dont know what you expected me to say or comment, bfb the point that im trying to say is that i dont agree with any senseless killing in the name of anything, espcially targeting civillians,

thats my 2 cents worth

3:09 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

George Alagiah is a racist,he has just spoke out AGAINST multiculturalism,HOW DARE HE!.

3:09 pm  
Blogger cirdan said...

white african says
"sorry how am i promoting its destruction cirdan?, if you refer to the fact that i am muslim, then to presume that my belief will automaticlly be of destruction and hatred is not fair, yes there are mad people out there and yes some are muslims unfortunatly but they do not represent the true faith which is of peace which i follow, violence"

Then first answer my question and you may see that it contains the answer to yours.

And how can you claim that a religion is one of peace when its scriptures and preachers openly justify paedophilia, bestiality, intolerance, violence, war, cruelty to animals, polygamy, antisemitsism, slavery, a brutal and bloody administration of justice while denying its followers freedom of choice and of conscience (if you quit Islam you can be put to death) etc etc). To me that doesn't sound like a religion any mildly enlightened person can take seriously in any other form than as a serious threat.

3:27 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

white african..."and guess what bfb paediphillia which you keep ranting on about "

Mohammad was a paedophile. He had sexual intercourse with 9 year old girl, didn't you know that?

Yes, I did copy/paste my last post: why get a dog and bark yourself? The atrocities commited by Muslim terrorists is well documented.

"i could also put one that is even longer of all the atrocities that mankind have ever done to all people,"

Don't change the subject. My post chronicles MUSLIM atrocities against 'infidels'.

3:29 pm  
Blogger white african said...

'Mohammad was a paedophile. He had sexual intercourse with 9 year old girl, didn't you know that?'

really? i have heard many non-muslims say this, but as a muslim its news to me, is well documented that he as you said, had intercourse with his wife when she was over 16 years of age, with her consent, do your research mate, i have heard it all before, enough said,

i know many parts of the scripture of by heart and i have yet to come across what you have mentioned cirdan, have you read the quran fully? please make judgments after your research, dont assume or accept what others have spoon fed you

3:39 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

8.000 so called "peaceful" people cheering a man(dr Azzam Tamimi)who mentioned and supported suicide bombers at Expoislamia convention in MANCHESTER,not very peaceful and friendly is it,i bet the love generated at that convention was non existent,peaceful my arse.

3:42 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

white african,do you agree with sharia law justice?,if you do,could you state why please.

3:45 pm  
Blogger cirdan said...

white african says "i know many parts of the scripture of by heart and i have yet to come across what you have mentioned cirdan, have you read the quran fully? please make judgments after your research, dont assume or accept what others have spoon fed you"

as far as spoon feeding is concerned, is that not exactly what islam is about. Submit and believe the coran?

And I still haven't seen you answer my initial question so stop trying to detract from the argument by demanding I read the entire coran which you know that I won't. It surely cannot be as difficult as that. Just tell me, if multiculturalism is so beneficial, why is it not offered to the poorest of the poor countries first of all?

As for the later argument, the burden of proof is on your side, not mine. Prove to me that the koran forbids polygamy and all those millions of Mulism who didn't know got it wrong. Prove to me that the Koran forbids the slaughtering of animals by the halal manner and all those who eat that meat are living in sin. Prove to me that the koran forbids the cutting off of peoples hands/feet etc and that the Koran says Allah will send those executions and judges straight to Hell. Prove to me that the koran forbids slavery. Prove that it rejects expansion by the sword. Prove to me that the Koran says it is wrong to resort to violence when somebody draws a cartoon. You know full well that the koran does none of these things, that on the contrary it advocates them. Me reading the coran from cover to cover will do nothing to change that. What do you hope to acheive by arguing in this manner? These are not the thoughts and words of a couple of maniacs on the fringe. These are the beliefs of mainstream islam.

3:58 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

Mohammed married a 9 year old girl.

"Narrated Aisha that the prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old."Vol. 7:64, Hadith.

Source: Abdullah Al Araby

4:01 pm  
Blogger cirdan said...

This page also lists some interesting facts about Mohammed

4:05 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

Further paedophilic tendencies of fundamental Islam:

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, The Supreme Leader of Iran, the Shia Grand Ayatollah, 1979-89 said in his official statements:

"A man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. Sodomizing the baby is halal (allowed by sharia). If the man penetrates and damages the child, then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however, does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister. It is better for a girl to marry when her menstruation starts, and at her husband's house rather than her father's home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven."

Khomeini, "Tahrirolvasyleh" fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

“It is not illegal for an adult male to 'thigh' or enjoy a young girl who is still in the age of weaning; meaning to place his penis between her thighs, and to kiss her.”

Ayatu Allah Al Khumaini's "Tahrir Al wasila" p. 241, issue number 12

"Young boys or girls in full sexual effervescence are kept from getting married before they reach the legal age of majority. This is against the intention of divine laws. Why should the marriage of pubescent girls and boys be forbidden because they are still minors, when they are allowed to listen to the radio and to sexually arousing music?"

"The Little Green Book" "Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini", Bantam Books.

White African, it is YOU who needs to do some research.

4:06 pm  
Blogger cirdan said...

One Algerian who used to work at the same place I did made extra cash selling child pornography videos. This was before I knew much about Islam (today I would surely have reported him). I asked him, in total innocence, whether he didn't see any conflict with his religious beliefs (This man was very religious. He went to pray five times a day and gave pamphlets on islam to anybody who would take them and stuck them up on noticeboards etc.) Well, his reply was quite frank. He told me, as long as he doesn't sell them to fellow muslims there is nothing wrong with peddling that type of thing. At the time I thought he was a bit mad but am now seeing the bigger picture. He was telling the truth.

4:36 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

It came as no surprise to me that one of the brothers arrested at Forest Gate has since been charged with having child porn on his computer.

5:05 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

your responses to the above are eagerly awaited oh wise white african!.

5:05 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

What a great response to my post today, This is what i want, good debate. Keep it going guy's, I'm enjoying reading the post's, even the one's from white african, I don't agree with him, but it is interesting to watch him try to defend Islam. I've never read the Koran, but i have looked at web sites, on one site it said if they could prove what was on the site was wrong, the guy running the site(a fellow muslim) would close it down, it is still up and running and it's been going for more than 2 years. This guy know's what he's talking about, he know's the Koran back to front.

6:52 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

blueboy... "I don't agree with him,"

'Him' is a her...(-;

"on one site it said if they could prove what was on the site was wrong, the guy running the site(a fellow muslim) would close it down,"

That's Muslim-speak, don't believe anything a Muzzie says...'close it down'? I wouldn't bank on it!

"it is still up and running and it's been going for more than 2 years."

Islam has been 'up-and-running' for nearly 2000's still a vile religion.

"This guy know's what he's talking about, "

And the rest of us don't? Who do YOU believe...him or us?

"This guy know's what he's talking about, he know's the Koran back to front. "

And he's the only one who does?

Does he mention the Hadith? This is Mohammad's teachings, including those I posted above (shagging 9-year-olds is ok).

Why do you think white african has stopped arguing? It's because even SHE wasn't aware of the Hadith!

Muslims are very selective in what they choose to believe. She (white african) suggests that I need to do more research...the fact is that I probably know more about Islam than she does!

That's the irony....

7:58 pm  
Blogger white rose said...

the Qu'ran is back to front.

You were refering to Ali Sina's website Ali Sina is an Iranian apostate living in the U.S. His life is continually under death threat, but like you say he knows Islam inside out and debates Muslims regularly, when they will oblige.

7:59 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

oi white african,is your CHRISTIAN name Sarah?.

8:13 pm  
Blogger BFB said...


In Islam the 'crime' of apostasy carries the following sentence:

During Muhammad's lifetime, and the lifetimes of the next 4 "Rightly Guided Caliphs", a number of Muslims left the faith of Islam. The punishment for leaving Islam was death. Those that had left the faith were either killed outright, or were given a few days to turn back to Islam. If they persisted in leaving Islam they were put to death. This death sentence is in effect whether or not the apostasy occurred in an Islamic state or not.

And apostasy is not an ancient phenomenon, here's modern day example:

News item from Iran Focus .

"An Iranian man from the northern city of Rasht is facing prison and may be executed for converting from Islam to Christianity, a Christian news agency reported.
Seven years after Issa Motamedi Mojdehi converted to Christianity, he was jailed by the Ministry of Intelligence Security (MOIS), Iran’s notorious secret police, for apostasy but was officially charged with illegal drug trafficking, Compass Direct News reported.
The 31-year-old was arrested on July 24. A week later, he was transferred to Lakan Prison.
The report said that officials had told Motamedi Mojdehi that he would remain in jail and possibly face execution unless he renounced his Christian faith.
An officer identified only as Mr. Baghani warned him that it might take “several executions” before Iranians understand the consequences of apostasy under Islamic law, Compass said.
Authorities reportedly found out that Motamedi Mojdehi and his wife Parvah had converted to Christianity in January, when they chose a name from the Bible, Micah, for their newborn son. "

Seriously bad religion.

9:17 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

Britain awake indeed,we are being swamped,and at the moment we are just keeping our chins above the water,who is going to throw the life ring,some nationalist movement hopefully or else we go under.

10:08 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

shieldwall..."we are being swamped,and at the moment we are just keeping our chins above the water,"

This reminds me of a Taoist saying (from the I ching): "We see a young fox that has nearly crossed the stream, when it's tail is immersed. There will be no advantage in any way."

The reference here (in Taoism) is of one who has lost the battle, and is about to sink.

White African...for your sake, I hope you can swim.

11:19 pm  
Blogger white african said...

bfb trust me you so dnt know about islam, you think you do but youve been fed lies,

the reason why i havent replied is cause a)i didnt have access to the internet until this moment since my last post and b)i wasnt sure whether i should bother really, i'm getting bored with it all, you guys are not entertaining me enough.

cirdan i am for diversity full stop, multi-culturism full stop, i love the idea of mixing with other cultures and other backgrounds, every thing is so bleak in your eyes, you need to brighten up, chill, why you so tense?

sheildwall- my name is not sarah, i'm loving how you emphasised the word christian, trying to anger me where you? why should it stir feelings of anger, i belive in the christian faith to a certain extent.

and to answer your other qs, i am for shariah law but under an islamic state, and i would not expect britain to apply it as many of you are ready to point out and what i accept 'britain is not an islamic state' so i accept the rules of this country wholehartedly.

bfb, have you heard of different sects, not all of the sects that calim to be islamic are indeed followers of islam, you mentioned examples of leaders of shiasm and what they get up to and what they have said, i am not a follower of shiasm.

there ar alot of sick people out there from different nationalities and backgrounds, religions and true even foloowers of islam, but that does not mean that the actions of certain muslims portray the religion itself, even if they say they do,

but you already know that right cause you know so much about islam dont you, hey maybe i dont need to say anything cause you are the most wise one and what i am about to say you have already predicted, so go on enlighten me what are my next words.....

11:50 am  
Blogger cirdan said...

this is the usual verbatim reply from Muslims when you confront them with the evils of their religion.

It's never them, just some of the others who are a little over-pious in respecting the sick wishes of their prophet. But almost in the same breath they seek to justify those very same evils. This is the schizophrenic nature of islam.

But come, on, go all the way. Explain to us what is so peaceful about slitting an animals throat while it is alive. Explain what is so peaceful about stonings and cutting off hands and feet. Explain what is so peaceful about old men having sex with children. Does it matter whether these things happen in an islamic country or elsewhere? What sort of an excuse is it to claim that it doesn't happen here but that it happens elsewhere? If evil is done in a foreign land, does that make it less evil than when it is done at home?

And seeing you are for muticulturalism. Kindly explain why there are so few churches and synagogues in muslim lands. Kindly explain why Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Taoist, Hindu etc women most cover themselves in sharia-ruled lands. Where is the tolerance in that? Where is the multiculturalism? Multiculturalism only suits islam when islam gains an advantage from it. When it doesn't then away goes multiculturalism. Show me the projects that are being realised in Iran and Saudi Arabia with generous state handouts for Christians and Jews. Show me the Christian and Jewish schools that these governments are funding. Show me islamic sybols that are being covered up and taken away because they offend the minorities. You can't. asnd I'll tell you why. They don't exist. Islam is based on lies and double standards. It was founded by a paedophile schizophrenic to justify his own personal ends and make an easy living off the gullibility of his fellow men. Now he is dead and it has run out of control. It is a cancer that seeks to devour the world. Trample it into the dust before it is too late. One day you may yet realise. don't say you haven't been warned.

And don't assume I don't know hat is happening. I have talked to many people including moslems. I have been to many countries and have seen what is happening. I have been to Jerusalem, to El Asqua and seen the footprints of the prophet where he talked to the devil. It's a fake. A child could tell you that. I have also been to Spain and see churches that moslems desecrated and made to mosques. I have been to Tunisia, to India, to Indonesia. Same story everywhere. Never met a sane moslem who spoke well of moslems.

1:26 pm  
Blogger white african said...

cirdan, obviously what you mentioned of not existing doesnt because there is no islamic state, muslim lands as you mentioned are not under shariah law which gives jews and christians there rights, there are no countires in the world who are run by true leaders, is so called muslim lands, all the leaders are dictators and go against every thing that islam talks about so i agree with you.

the question of halal meat, is it better to electrcute an animal, stun it and then kill, how is that humane??

old men having sex with children??? please thats just nasty and islam does not preach this, so enough of this brain washing mentality, to be honest as a muslim i never heard of this disgusting act until i became aware of the news and all cases of pheadiphilia where old white men- non-muslims so i could say the same thing, but i aint gonna generalise ok.

i'm surprised that you have travlled yet you still have a closed mind, you seem to think inside the box and not outside it, for some one who has travlled you are indeed very ignorent...

2:35 pm  
Blogger cirdan said...

You are still using the obvious lame excuse of deferral to the faults of others. I accused you of using it before and in response you use it twice. First you say there is no Islamic state. So this utopic vison of perfect islam has not yet been realised? Well, no state is perfect. There must always be some level of practical compromise. But there certainly are Islamic countries which implement huge chunks of Islamic law. Are thee any kinder to Jews and Christians than those that don’t? I don’t think so. In fact the moslem countries that are kindest to Jews and Christians are those that are the least Islamic in their form of governance and practice some level of separation of religion and state. Examples Turkey and Tunisia. Saying that things aren’t happening because the principle is betrayed is akin to communists saying that Communism failed because it wasn’t implemented properly. Or akin to capitalist apologists saying that Capitalism is failing to wipe out poverty because of state-intervention. All those are lame excuses and I am disappointed you should resort to them.

The second time you try the same trick is in speaking of electrocution in abattoirs. What does it matter what happens in non-islamic slaughterhouses? Can you elevate your own faults by pointing at the faults of others. “Okay, what I do is wicked, but other people are wicked too” Can a religion of peace base its claim to peace on the fact that other people are violent too? And what happens if those other violent people point back at you and say, she is violent also? Then you can never have peace. Does Islam teach that you can justify your own faults by pointing at the faults of others? If that’s what peace is for you, it is not the concept of peace I believe in. Any anyway, what do you think is more humane: for an animal to be cut at the throat and bleed to death for up to an hour, fully conscious and kicking, or for an animal to be stunned with a gun and immediately put down? Quite besides which the point is moot as I am 99% vegetarian.

And all Muslim leaders are wicked dictators are they? And the prophet wasn’t a dictator I suppose? Or when did he tolerate a democratically organised opposition to his rule? These present day dictators justify their power through Islam, not in spite of it.

As for paedophilia. You have been supplied wit the chapter and verse references. If they are false tell us what those verses really say.

3:12 pm  
Blogger white african said...

it was not a chapter or verse from the quran for your info.

i did not say that the halal means of slaughter is evil, i think its the most humane and of course i will pin point what i think to be wrong or is it just you that will do this, then you are as bad as those whom you criticise,

i said all leaders regardless of religion, including blair or bush, no true leaders out there.

its is not an excuse, using teh same excuse of defferal, obviously duh cause thats th ebottom line at the end of the day whether you like it or not.

i have to go, so any other comments wil have to be left until tomorrow, so guess what you have 24 hours of

3:25 pm  
Blogger white african said...

24 hours of coming up with more 'why i hate moslems' and every damn thing tha happens on this earth is because of the moslems...

3:26 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

white african,is it because you like to be dominated and treated as a slave that you converted to islam,i cannot understand a woman wanting to convert to a life of servitude,is it a sexual thing?.

3:49 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I agree with you Shieldwall, I just don't understand a woman who is not born a Muslim, wanting to become one, they treat their woman like shit.What freedom does a woman have in Islam, none that i can see.

4:43 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

white africoon is a first rate TROLL, it doesn't matter what evidence you present to her she will find a way to dismiss it, if she bothers to comment at all.

I cannot think of another religion that considers throat-slitting as 'humane', wether the victim is human or animal, africoon will find a way to justify it.

Don't waste any more time on this ignoramus: she knows damn well Islam is a vicious, wicked faith.She just can't bring herself to admit it.

5:11 pm  
Blogger white african said...

shieldwall keep your wierd fantasies to yourself, you guys seem to attach 'sexual' to every thing its not healthy. no wonder you keep bringing it up.

i became a muslim because i sincerely and genuinly believe that its the truth, now i will not force my opinion on others just as others should not force there opinions on me, i have actually gained freedom when i became a muslim and believe it or not islam has liberated me, and gives me the rights that many western woman are not given. and if practiced correctly then its amazing, and its not just for arabs, or pakistanis, or whatever, its for all.

bfb is our local mind reader, he seems to know what i'm thinking, wow i'm gonna get the millions to flok to visit you oh wise one, hey maybe its a money making scheme cirdan can promote multi-culturism.

enough of this,i wish i could say its been nice, i'm thankful that the majority are not of your thinking, i hope that one day you guys see the light, not necessarily of islam but the light of humanity, you guys need to be accepting of others, what makes you so superior to others? arrogance is just as bad as all the other things you have criticised,

see you guys in the next life...

8:30 am  
Blogger BFB said...

White Africoon...

Grow up you stupid bitch. We have produced loads of evidence exposing the true nature of Islam and you have rejected it all without producing any evidence to the contrary. There's only one thing worse thah a troll, and that's a Muslim troll.

Ignorant MORON.

9:34 am  
Blogger shieldwall said...

oooohhhhhhhhhhhh,wierd sexual fantasies,i only asked,just inquisitive,sssoooooooo sorry,just goes to show folks,muslims are not very tolerant of others,sulky little so and so.see you in the next life,yes i expect you will,and no doubt you and your brethren will be trying to conqeur that aswell.Try some caffeine,and calm down,stroppy.

3:48 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

islam has liberated me,fuck me, what were you before,a prisoner,good god woman you must have had a hell of a life before your conversion,no offence.

4:14 pm  

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