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The piece by Richard Littlejohn in todays Mail is very good, I dont always agree with him, but todays piece is the best from him in a while. If you get a chance to read it, do it. If more people read pieces like this, we would be on our way to power, nobody reading this could be brainwashed by the propaganda being dished up by the BBC and Sky, I am lucky as i have access to FOX TV, which gives the view of Israel and not the shit we get from the other broadcasters.


Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

I only just noticed myself that Nicks comments are closed down, strange wonder whats caused that then.
Would have expected to find the usual crowd back here, seems they are slacking.
I do not bother with the papers blue, not for years, how did the peice you refer to go?

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Blogger white rose said...

you can read it on line ..

The url is too long... the link to the article is on the home page of
just scroll down to the box with the picture of Lebanese man carrying the dead child and the heading Richard Littlejohn.

The comments section is very encouraging, most posters are relieved to see an honest and unbiased report instead of the loaded propaganda version Hezbollah spew out to all the media.

I'm pasting part of an email (pictures won't paste)I received from Brigitte Gabriels website she has friends arriving in the states evacuated from Lebanon and their comments make for interesting reading...

Hezbos in America Who Hate America

Debbie Schlussel has done a fantastic job reporting about Hezbollah's connection and supporters in Dearborn Michigan. She has been right on point with her assessment of their feelings and their support to Hezbollah. Read her article below my comments.

I was talking with few friends of mine (Christian Lebanese) who arrived to America this past weekend, rescued by the marines and American ships off the shores of Beirut. They said that as the Marines were helping the Muslim (American) ladies on the ships, these Muslims were cussing them out in Arabic. The Muslim (Americans) being rescued were sitting on the decks saying (in Arabic): "Death to you (meaning our marines), death to America and Israel. You are the source of the problems. All our misery is because of you."

This talk was going on as the marines were holding their little babies in their arms playing with them. Even in the bathroom as one woman went on a cussing fit, another one told her to keep it down in case they understand Arabic and they would hear her. The woman answered: "I don't care if they hear me. I hate them I cannot stand them anymore."

I begged my friend Rana to come forward to the media and give interviews. She said she wouldn't dare because of what the Muslims might do to her and her family. She said: " Our house is there, our businesses, our life, our relatives. We have to go back to Lebanon, if I come out and give interviews they will track us down and kill us. Our life in Lebanon would be over. We can't take this risk."

This is the problems in the Middle East my friends as to why you only hear one side of the story. People are terrorized into silence. When you hear the reports about public opinion in Lebanon that 80% of Lebanese support Hezbollah, don't be fooled. My friends told me when I asked them the question is it really true that public opinion is changing favoring Hezbollah, my friends said that the Christians, who answered the poll, were not sure if those people asking the questions were Hezbollah operatives spying to see who is going to answer against Hezbollah so they can be eliminated. Also according to friends of mine who are close to the government said that members of the parliament were threatened with death just like Harriri if they do not line up with Hezbollah. That's why you saw the Lebanese leadership change their song and dance within the first few days of the war.

Hezbollah's is king in Lebanon, and terror is their rule. As for all those wonderful AMERICANS we rescued from Lebanon shrouded with headscarves and men with beard, those are the same Hezbollah terrorists men, women and children who are plotting our destruction right here on our soil, carrying our citizenship.

Hezbos in America Who Hate America: Chip in for Hayat Taleb's 1-Way Ticket
By Debbie Schlussel

DEARBORNISTAN, USA--To all those who had any doubt where the loyalty of Shia Muslims in America is, take the comments of Hayat Taleb--at yesterday's latest pro-Hezbollah rally to heart.

Taleb, aged 24, who grew up here, lives in Dearbornistan, and is a mother of two U.S. citizens she is raising to share her beliefs said this to The Detroit Spews:

"I'd rather die there [Lebanon] than live here [America]."
So, why are you still here, Hayat? What are you waiting for? Get the heck out. Perhaps we should chip in for a 1-way ticket. And a couple of tix for her two young America-haters in training, too.

Also, check out this barely visible sign from yesterday's rally. It features the name "Bush" and a picture of the American flag in the shape of a Jewish star. Hmmm . . . they're not anti-Semitic, are they?! Memo to Neil Cavuto.

Oh, and by the way, Neil, you might want to check out some of those Hezbollah planning and financing sessions going on at restaurants, like Adonis and others all over Dearbornistan and up and down Warren Ave., where yesterday's Hezbollah rally took place.

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Blogger blueboy said...

It was all about the Muslims and he even had a go at the UN which i thought was great and he also had a go at the stop the war mob, It was a great piece.If you take White Rose's advice and read it on line, you will see what i am on about. I hope that help's you dizzyfatplonka

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Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Yes ive read it now thanks and some of the comments, sure innocents get hurt but its also true that they stage some of the footage we see, ive come across films on the faithfreedom site where they all walk away clapping and laughing after play acting of somebody getting shot by Israeli troops.
The middle east problem has been imported into our homelands though, just as they want Isreal, they want Britain the USA, the whole damn globe, we need to get a strategy like they have, become apostates or die!
Its a fair choice really, as long as they stick with Islam, they believe in Muhammed, as long as they believe in Muhammed they believe in conquering us.
The muzzies like to use a saying an attack on one muzzie is an attack on all muzzies, well we need to recognise that an attack by one muzzie is an attack by them all.

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Blogger Philip Bryant said...

Wouldn't it be graet if the likes of Richard Littlejohn, Melanie Philips and Ann Coulter wrote articles for the BNP website?

Why won't they? Is it the BNP's 'Racist' policies? I doubt it, there aren't any!

No, it's Nick Griffin, he who pulled the comments section on his personal blog due to the 'pro-Israeli' stance held by some of the most prolific bloggers....he who edited The Rune magazine (an anti-semitic magazine) until fairly recently...he who is on record for having made anti-semitic remarks in the past...he who is on record for having denied the holocaust ever happened.

Nick Griffin keeps banging on about the BNP cleaning up it's act, but he is the biggest stain on the party, and as long as he remains leader the BNP are going nowhere!

It's not like me to agree with a leftie, but Frank Field was right: the only thing holding the BNP back is it's leadership...!!

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