Wednesday, September 13, 2006

For Tony Blair to run down our defence forces to a level where we are incapable of defending ourselves is a scandal and he also seems determined to reduce our forces to just one part of a new European army run and controlled by Brussels. We must restore the capability of our armed forces and restore control of them to our government.


Blogger shieldwall said...

only a heartless and uncaring person would send people off to war with inadequate weapons and equipment,we have the best army,give them the best gear,the navy is the worst affected,they have been cut to the bone,ships decommisioned and new replacements years away,a very sorry episode YET AGAIN from Blairs evil empire.

3:43 pm  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Now the EU are dictating the law to our government and telling them they cannot do anything too change it, supposing the EU now adopted sharia law as EU law?
It could possibly be enforced on us not by Britain, but by the EU dictatorship, its possible considering what I have just been reading on jihadwatch, about Holland saying they would accept it!
Ive just changed my picture, for a more appropriate one, had enough of the ugly muslim ginger f*#kface.

3:51 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

Dizzy,thank fuck for that,he was an abomination to man.

4:12 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I think i did the right thing in posting twice and doing other subjects and not just the Muslims, I will still write about them, just maybe not as much. I'm sorry it took me so long to get the message. I did not know about the EU and sharia law Dizzyfatplonka, thanks for pointing that out, do you mind if i send an e-mail into the daily mail and see if they will publish.

4:35 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

Dizz...RE: the new pic.

It looks like a cross between Buddha and Jesus....and like he's got his Dick in his hands. Must be a Muzzie...(-;

5:58 pm  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

here is the link for that sharia law thing
Its just the Dutch at the moment, but if they can go down this road then my guess is the EU could follow and impose it on us all.
Gt it off to the mail blue, no need to ask me, just keep up the good fight.

7:20 pm  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Sorry something went a bit wonky there did it not!
The number at the end is /013083.php
right lets try again

7:24 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I've just sent my e-mail about sharia law to the Daily Mail. I think it's a bit late for tomorrows paper but i hope it might make fridays, you never know.

8:03 pm  
Blogger BFB said...


If it makes the Daily Mail...I'll bite my own bollocks off with my own teeth! you can't post on my blog? Why's that?


Dizz, you are a "wrong-un," as we say in the real world, too-wrapped up in Christianity to have any grasp of the world the rest of us live brief, you are are 'deceased', 'gone to meet your maker','knocking on heavens door' ARE AN EX NATIONALIST!

PS: If that's not Jesus pretending to be Buddah....since when did Jesus meditate?

"In truth there was only one Christian...and he died on the cross!"


8:56 pm  
Blogger BFB said...

Christianity is called the religion of pity.-- Pity stands in opposition to all the tonic
passions that augment the energy of the feeling of aliveness: it is a depressant. A man loses power when he pities.


12:01 am  

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