Friday, September 22, 2006

I posted a little while ago about us given more power to the EU and low and behold when i look in the paper this morning what do i see, a story about the PM given in to the EU on transferring control of sentencing for serious crimes, court procedures and even the rights of of crime suspects.This will allow the EU's council of ministers to impose policy on us from Brussels.Germany,Denmark and the Irish Republic are concerned and for this to be passed all member states will have to agree, so there is some hope. Has it come to this, that we have to depend on other country's to stop our PM from going against our wishes.


Blogger srb0 said...

The nazi blair has done it again!
Helping to create one big super Europe just as Napoleon wanted oh and Hitler!!!!!

And if you read between the lines, when recently one of Blair's cronies went to see the muslims,
what was his suggestion?

Turn in your friends and family to our state police.
Who did a similar thing?

Adolf Hitler!!!

If they just expell all muslims who don't was to live our way, there would be no problem for us.

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