Monday, September 18, 2006

The Scottish Executive is to axe traditional christian assemblies for fear of discriminating against children of other faiths.Instead of Bible readings and hymns, pupils will take part in current affairs discussions or 'reflect' while listening to soothing music.It does not matter if you are a christian or not, this is wrong.Scotland has a long-standing christian tradition and that should not change. There has even been calls for separate schools for Muslims, that is the last thing we need.


Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Like the new look posts blue, we need a serious backlash on the streets soon.
We cannot keep sitting back and taking this shit.We do not need bring politics into it, just all people coming together and protesting the powers that be, against this Islamic menace, if it was not for work I would get to Leeds for the Griffin trials, thats what it will take, everybody standing together against any attacks on our freedoms and rights, stuff the newcommers to this land, let them fit in or f#*k off eh?

12:52 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

I am feeling thoroughly "enriched" today,the news in the Daily Mail is full of Muslims spouting hate,complaining about discrimination,and getting away with crime.I shall print the basics of the stories for you.The obnoxious terrorist supporter Anjem Choudary calling for the death of the pope outside Westminster Cathedral,in Somalia the heathen kill a nun for the popes words,how cowardly,in Stirling,a man spends 2 nights in the cells for revving his car engine "in a racist manner" at Libyans Isam Maigel and Hana Saad,they say it caused them to feel "scared,embarrased and degraded",cant say i have ever felt that way by revving cars,the next inncident is by our old enemy the crime committing asylum seeker,this time an Iraqi,who has paralysed a 65 year old,Mrs Vivian Sadler while illegaly driving with no valid licence,the usual shit follows,he has walked free from court with just a 45£ fee for causing the crash.Britain is turning into a cesspit of insanity,crime and unwanted foreigners,WHAT IS THE NATION GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?.

2:13 pm  
Blogger Philip Bryant said...

probably NOTHING.

perhaps if we 'bang Griffin up' for a 7 stretch our Muslim 'occupiers' may spare us the Muslim shave.

"Jesus is a slave to Islam".... is Britain.

8:16 pm  

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