Wednesday, October 25, 2006

John Reid is trying to appear tough on the immigrants, yet again, how often does he have to be told. The only wait to get a grip of this problem is too say no more, until we remove the one's who are here and then only people from canada, new zealand, australia etc IE people from the white commonwealth. Only then will we be able to call ourselves GREAT BRITAIN again.


Blogger shieldwall said...

agree blue,until these fools who are "in charge" remove their rose tinted glasses and realise we are far to different in many ways to be able to co exist with Asians and Africans etc..peacefully without grievances arising,the better Britain will be,it is human nature the way we react suspiciously to other races,if we didnt,like the politicians want,we would not be human,says a lot for politicians eh folks!.

12:00 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I really despair when i see our politicians stand up and support more immigration, they must know it will not work. We can't keep taking more and more people, we are only a small island and we cant take everyone who want's to come, We have to look after our own people, there are plenty of other countrys they could go to.enough is enough.I think the tide is turning.Letters into papers, people calling into talk shows and people posting on blogs, make me think we are winning the arguement.

1:56 pm  
Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

What gets me is that they are now talking about new taxes to combat polution, yet more immigrants equals more polution.
Bring down our population and you bring down our polution levels.

3:53 pm  

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