Thursday, October 12, 2006

Two stories today which prove how crazy this government is.Alzheimer's sufferers are not to get medicine which cost £2.50 a day because NICE say it is too expensive and yet AbuHamza get's everything he wants, How crazy is this. This evil man has £250,000 in bank accounts in Egypt.We have been supporting him and his family for the past 13 years WHY?. If he has the cash to buy a£220,000 house and £250,000 in a bank, give them nothing, get him and his family along with Abu Izzadeen, Anjem Choudary, Sheikh Omar Bakri, Abu Qatada.and deport them all.This would be a good start and only the start.If i was in power they would be the first out and i would not stop till every Muslim was gone.


Blogger shieldwall said...

I read that article in the Daily Mail today blue,I find it absolutely incredible how these parasitic scum have bled the system regarding benefits,the way i look at it is,it is just another reason for the people to hate these bastards even more,when will our soft government wake up to these treacherous filth.I long for the day the scrounging fuckers get a good battering off of an inspired Brit.

2:42 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

Any one watched the internet tv channel at 18 doughty street. I have watched it Tuesday and Wednesday and it's not too bad. Don't agree with everything on it but the news is presented from a right wing stance. They have guest's on who are not right wing, last night they had that Muslim women on, Yasmin something, i can't remember.I sent an e-mail after the show, when she said she was as British as anyone. I said she was not British and that her marrying a British man did not make her British. It's on tonight from eight, give it a look.The site can be found at

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