Wednesday, November 08, 2006

After that Muslim policeman and the convert who plotted to kill us, I opened my paper to find another Muslim who told a meeting at Dundee University to stand up to tyranny and oppression in the police, he said my message to the Muslim community is that we have to be stronger in our defiance of the tyranny and oppression by the police. This from a spokesman from the Muslim Association of Britain, the so called moderate Muslims, if this is the moderate one's, god help us.


Blogger shieldwall said...

There are NO "moderate muslims",it is a myth,trust them at your peril!.

12:12 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I know that shieldwall. I was just making the point, that the people who say there are such, are talking a lot of nonsense and what is more they are convincing some people. We just have to keep getting our message across by any means we can, that all Muslims are evil,they all want an Islamic state. They must be stopped.

3:06 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

I know you know that,I also was putting the point across.

12:23 am  

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