Friday, November 17, 2006

Geoff Hoon has let the cat out of the bag. He told a meeting in the european parliament that the governments restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian workers are not as tough as they seem, Now there's a suprise.This government is very good when it comes to getting headlines, but when you look beyond them you see it is all spin.Let's hope the people wake up soon.


Blogger BFB said...

They won't wake up until the headlines in The SUN read: "It's official, indigenous whites are now the minority." And then they'll whine like between episodes of Eastenders.

9:06 pm  
Blogger rapture of the father said...

I do not think it will come to that Sky news did a blog today about the bnp I think the turning of the tide has come.

The left are starting to smell the roses, and are responding how they know best ie BNP = nazi. How little they know I guess thats why they are trying to close down websites people now know the truth. The main stream press they control brainwashing technics are not as effective. How I wish for the day when they realise we want payback. I not a great fan of our adoptive friends of our colonial times and they will be left alone and as the BNP say they will contribute to the country and be under the protection of the law but it will be on sensible terms and their numbers will decrease and over time they will intergrate. However maybe we should build gaz chambers and put the lefty whites in there!!!!

Please note I am jesting I do not agree with any type of genocide even though I would not help or cry if Blair and his lot got there just desserts

10:22 pm  
Blogger rapture of the father said...

Sorry guys had a beer and have now realised that my previous message was a bit all over the place. I hope you get what I mean.

10:24 pm  
Blogger rapture of the father said...

Hi Blue,

I read over your blogs on 18 dougty street and elsewhere (bbbc).
As advice only it seems that you have to give libral blogers enough rope to hang themselves. I have never really liked the multi cultral experiance from the moment I was old enough to see. Then I researched Islam so I know that you are correct when you say there is no such thing as a British muslim. However when you proudly proclaim this you are slapped back with the usual lefty rubbish such as how can you say that do you know every muslim and blah.

Perhaps if you articulate more along the lines of if a good muslim believes allah is the ultimate law and when the koran states that there is no other law can we truly believe that the law of Britain means anything to muslims

No disrespect meant blue just trying to put our point across more flowery so it is not so easy to demonise us.

In an perfect world people would be more aware of history and know other peoples motives.

10:42 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I am not at my best at getting my message across,I just tend to write as i would speak to someone.I will use the lines you have posted,the next time i have something to say on 18 doughty street.Hope you don't mind,Rapture.

11:05 am  

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