Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here we go again, another statement from John Reid about asbo's. Can this man not get a grip. The only thing that works with thugs is if they know that they will be punished hard, maybe even going to jail, the first time they do something wrong, putting tags on them does noy work.I know it does not work where i live. If we have to build more secure places for them, so be it.


Blogger BFB said...

It's all smoke and mirrors with this government, they've been 'getting tough on crime' for a decade now and things are getting worse every day.

Kriss Donald is dead along with many other white victims of anti-white racism, hundreds of foreign criminals are released early only to re-offend, sometimes with with tragic circumstances (as in the case of Kriss),and now the government award thousands of pounds in compensation to prisoners who were forced to go cold turkey against their will.

Still, good picture of the BNP celebrating a momentous victory against the Nu-Lab facists. Lets hope we see more smiling BNPers in the near future.

7:20 pm  
Blogger srb0 said...

It's time for more police on the streets, and the ability for those police to give the little gits a clip round the ear, as they would do when I was growing up.
Now all they want to do is stay inside the car and (I'm sure its not just my thoughts) the police seem to be scared of the bloody gits.
When you saw the local beat bobbie around when I grew up, you respected him and he always knew what was going on!

9:08 pm  

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