Sunday, November 19, 2006

This may be the last post i write.I am so pissed off, I have been trying to pay of debts i have £11,000 in total , as i am disabled and unable to work, i am not able to do it and it now looks like i will lose my computer and my TV and the few other items in my house.I really feel like ending it all as i cant see any way out of the situation i'm in.I don't blame anybody else bar myself,but the banks are not going to give up, so what else can i do.Even the computer is not working right, i can receive e-mails but not send them, I would like to contact a few people before it's to late, can anyone help.


Blogger rapture of the father said...

I am very sorry to hear your problems Blue. It sounds very similar to a lot of people now days my brothers are in a lot of debt also encourage and seduced into loans etc. There must always be light at the end of the tunnel. Please do not do anything silly Blue your blog has personally given me a lot a friendly outlet to vent my frustration at the current state of play. I wish you the very best of luck for the future

10:27 pm  
Blogger Nationalist14 said...

Hi Blue, check your anti virus and try turning off your firewall settings thus determining if any security settings may be affecting things. Also in outlook’s set up page - tools, e-mail accounts- you can test the settings, it will check the connections to the POP and SMTP servers I wonder whether you have tried this route already. If the SMTP side failed, what error did you get try copying and pasting the error code into google and read up on the results it may help. Blue have you tried ticking/un-ticking the "authentication required" option as well you may have incorrectly set the outgoing pop server address whilst the incoming one is correct. The problem could also be your authentication your name and password are submitted and authenticated by your ISP however whilst sending no authentication takes place. Maybe you have changed to broadband or changed ISP recently try keeping your ISP email POP settings but alter your SMPT settings to that of the broadband provider. You could try deleting all of your settings and re-entering them this may work if not try if you can to let a competent person take a look and for now try using web based e-mail. Cheer up Blue it sounds like you have depression its worth talking to your GP about maybe he or she can help. Don’t give up on your site Blue we need as many nationalists as possible in this fight chin up.14

4:31 am  
Blogger blueboy said...

All i get is that the host '' could not be found.I'm not good a fixing anything on the computer and i can't afford anyone to come and fix it for me.I don't know how the host can't be found when it was okay before. I don't have any virus or anything like that.any help anyone can give would be great.Nationalist14 the firewall makes no difference.

11:55 am  

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