Friday, December 22, 2006

The Asylum seeker convicted of the murder of a woman at a christening party has been granted indefinite leave to remain here. Their local MP Harriet Harman once helped them in their fight to stay here , and that was despite them having a string of previous convictions. It's a wonder she can sleep at night. They were failed asylum seekers and should never have been here and if we did'nt have stupid MP's helping them, maybe that woman would be alive today.


Blogger shieldwall said...

definite male models eh!.

4:11 pm  
Blogger rapture of the father said...

It goes on and on I wonder if the corrupt labour elite actual have a shred on intelligence. If they did other then fleeing the country they might realise that it is a BNP goverment (as the true British peoples only option) that would safe their skins from a lynch mob, If the sorry state of affairs continues.

I doubt that they realise that they are responsible for rapidly bringing about a state of civil war! And I wish to bring them (not the ethnics or immigrants*) to account for the continued rape of Britain.

*(of course if they commit a crime they will be punished)

5:43 pm  

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