Monday, December 18, 2006

Taxpayers are paying £3.6 million to help asylum seekers remain in Scotland.Glasgow the Uk's asylum capital, per head of population.They have 5,000 just now and they have just signed a new cintract to take up to 4,200 more.Ministers are even thinking of dispersing them to other parts of the country.I can remember a few years ago they tried to do just that and the locals near where i stay burned the flats down, that they were going to put them in.I think the same would happen again.


Blogger rapture of the father said...

It gets to a point when you just want to wake from the knightmare!

A down turn in the economy will hit everyone hard and maybe answer's and heads will be seeked.

The criminal brain dead few of labour and their dictatorship have a lot to answer for. However until the majority sit up and think and be counted....

7:45 pm  

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