Monday, January 08, 2007

I know i have used this photo before, i will get new one's soon. Eastern Europeans are pouring into Scotland at the rate of 1,600 a month, with all the problems that places on schools, hospitals, never mind the other public services.What makes it even worse is that the Poles and the Czechs who are here at the moment, working in the hospitality and construction industry are returning home with all the money they have earned during their time here, they are going to be replaced with migrants from Romania and Bulgaria, many of them criminals, do we not have enough criminals of our own and i saw some on the tv and all they spoke about was the benefit system, say what you like about the Poles but at least they worked, how many of this lot do you think will do that, given what i've seen and read, not many.


Blogger BFB said...

One of my best friends is a Russian asylum seeker who has been granted indefinite leave to remain in Britain after the story he told the Home Office proved to be true (briefly, he lived in Chenya and his wife and 5 year old son were killed when the Russians bombed his predominantly muslim village. To seek revenge he joined the Chechen Rebels (despite being Russian himself) and was seriously injured after treading on a land mine. The Chechen rebel leader then had him smuggled into Britain where he claimed asylum).

Through Dimitri I have met countless Russians, Ukrainian and other E.Europeans and I can assure you they are far more racist than any Britons I've met.

There is already considerable tensions between white E.E 'new arrivals' and non-whites, particularly Somali's, and I predict serious civil disorder in the near future.

The government are of course aware of these tensions but are covering up, as are the media. The arrival of more 'new arrivals' from Bulgaria and Rumania is therefore not necessarily a bad thing as it will, I believe, help to 'kick-start' the REVOLUTION.

2007 should be a very interesting year!

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Blogger shieldwall said...

I dont think the Poles will put up with Bulgarians or Rumanians under cutting them with work too lightly,I can see them retaliating with violence,they will certainly cause a commotion amongst themselves,should be quite funny!.

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