Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm sure like me you are all amazed at the amount of coverage this BB nonsense is getting. I have looked in vain to see anything about that dispatches programme, you would think that the media dont wish the public to know the truth about the muslims. if you watched the programme you would have seen them being urged to reject British law and democracy and set up an Islamic state within a state and yet no newspaper or tv channel thought this worth coverage, we have to do all we can to make sure the people no the truth because they wont get it from the papers or the news channels thats for sure.


Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Its disgusting and disgracefull blue, that something so vile and threatening to this country should have gone without a mention.
We know now for sure who's pockets our media and governments are in.

1:36 pm  
Blogger shieldwall said...

The only report I have come across since the Despatches programme is today in the Daily Mail courtesy of Littlejohns column,he dedicates a whole page to it,and highlights the lack of coverage and police response,THE SILENCE FROM OTHER SECTIONS OF THE MEDIA IS DEAFENING AND AN UTTER DISGRACE,IT SMACKS OF DOUBLE STANDARDS,IT SEEMS CERTAIN PEOPLE CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING(IF THEY ARE NOT WHITE)

5:00 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

Your right shieldwall, i saw Littlejohns column after i posted, i should have read the paper before i posted.Why was Littlejohn taking off Sky, i used to like watching him,I think i'll start a campaign to get him back, maybe if we all e-mailed Sky they would do something, don't know if Richard would want to go back now that he's got his column in the Mail.

5:36 pm  
Blogger rapture of the father said...

I just despair about it all.

But lets look what happened to South Africa. The black man was allowed to invade a white colony there before blacks had settled the cape of Africa. No true reporting in any media outlet and when the White realised that the number game was against them they reacted but too late. The press heralded a certain black man who was an promoter and partisan of violence as a kind of pope. When the blacks did take control the country has gone too shit where the black population was better off under apartheid! and of course the white man is being genocide where is the press?

Our libral elite have a funny sense of priorities, fairplay and intelligence. Part of me would like a muslim state in Britain to see their faces when the penny finally drops.

We may have to take to the streets to win a future for a democratic and white (in the majority)Britain.

9:52 pm  

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