Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It looks like we will be independant come may, all the polls show that the SNP is ahead of LABOUR and if that turns out to be right, we will have a referedum within 100 days, i don't know if us going alone is a good thing or not, but thanks to the internet we can still keep in touch, sorry i have not been on line, the last couple of days, to much of the drink i'm afraid


Blogger shieldwall said...

A breakup of the union is falling right into the EU`s hands,they despise the UK for this,the break up of it is easier for them to control and rule,TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER,but if the Scots want that then get on with it,who are we to stand in your way.

1:58 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

I dont wish to break up the UK because i think we are stronger together and i also think that we would suffer with being such a small country, but it looks like my fellow scots are going to ignore me,i will be very sorry if this happens.

1:09 pm  
Blogger rapture of the father said...

Our british history is not told in schools and this is where we have fallen.

When Braveheart came out I wondered upon why hollywood was doing its best to stir up emotion the hollywood way (no historical value just propergander)It seems the yanks have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to being second to the English (prob from Irish usa extremists). Thats why they do their upmost to change history in their films and promote their dubious facts!

As usual with our goverments ideas the issue of devolution has not been thought through to its natural end or has it... As shield wall states who benefits from the potential break up. Only Mr Blairs true masters and not the British people certainly not the native nationalist.

When Wales, Scotland and Ireland see the back lash from a frustrated, mad and very very angered English they will have second thoughts but too late. England generates approx 85% of the total wealth of the UK how much do we get back ? about a third. Why should the English pay for the others we are controlled by scottish dictators (blair and brown)only for the moment. We can not allow this continue at present let alone if the union does break up.

Some of my Scottish friends try the line about North sea oil which should be Scottish but England has equal terrotory right over the North sea and we paid more of the share to build the platforms (I also hear that the benefit is a bit of a red herring)

I would also assume that England would be the nuclear power (depends on alot - rouge polititions and generals)

When you look deeper the cost for a split would be pretty big as the union has shared strategic infrastructiure that would have to become independent - should borders be patrolled and garrisoned.

The people of the union need a group hug it seems so that we can put aside our woes and move on together united and stronger.

11:08 pm  

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