Thursday, January 11, 2007

Judges up here have been told by the Executive to go soft on our criminals. The power they have at the moment to consider the risk of a convict reoffending when dishing out punishment is to be removed, instead the parole board is to judge if a criminal poses a risk. I have no faith in the parole board and what is going to happen is we are going to have more dangerous criminals on our streets, rather than where they should be, in prison


Blogger dizzyfatplonka said...

Shit blue that photo is a real spot the white face, they are like little shining stars in the pitch black night sky.

3:29 pm  
Blogger blueboy said...

Our country is going down the pan, we have to do something before it's too late, before we are a minority in our own country.Can you imagine what that would be like.It's okay for our Mp's and people with plenty of money, they won't be living near them, it's people like me who will have to live with them.If any Muslim was put anywhere near me, i would do my best to make their lives hell, without breaking the law,of course!

5:32 pm  

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