Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thought i would use this picture again, with all the talk about us going it alone. My post today is about the young boy, who's skull was fractured in a savage attack by a gang of asian youths.The police say it is too early to establish the motive for the attack,who are they kidding.This story is on page 40 in my paper, you can bet if it had been the other way around it would have been on the front page.What are the editors of these papers doing, is an attack on a Muslim more important than one on a young white boy, i know the answer of course, just thought i would pose the question, just in case someone comes across the blog for the first time and thinks i'm stupid.


Blogger srb0 said...

Just another example of positive discrimination!
its all right to discriminate as long as its against the white natives!!!
Why if we have minority groups, do we have to see and hear a majority about them?

11:57 pm  
Blogger rapture of the father said...

Hi all,

It goes on and on bbc bais raises the issue of non reporting (or difference in press time)of racist attacks! I doubt the police will do anything in this case, more likely they charge the boy with racial aggrivation.

Somedays I feel that the police, bbc,courts, school, unions, nhs, and press have been so well brainwashed or infiltrated by the libral marxists that only the total destruction and rebuilding of these institutes will do.

I hope this can be done politically but the more this type of thing goes on.... we are heading for our own balklands type conflict!

5:46 pm  

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